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Smart City Spotlight: Bangkok

As a primate city, Bangkok – Thailand’s largest city – is the foremost potential smart city in the country. It was recently inducted into the first cohort of the ASEAN Smart Cities Network (ASCN) in...

Integrating Video Surveillance in Smart Cities

Public safety and security is an ever-growing issue for urban communities and cities around the world. With a continuously growing population, crime rate is rising at a steady pace as well. Security...

Hi-Def CCTV cameras will bring down crime rate, says MCPF

KUALA LUMPUR: The installation of a modern, auto-tracking High Definition closed-circuit television (CCTV) system in 200 "hotspots" will help the authorities bring down crime rates, said the Malaysia...

Phuket Smart City

MICT – SIPA Launched the Opening of Phuket Smart City Innovation Park (Phuket SCIP) as Part of Phuket Smart City Project to Promote Investments, Support Startups, SME Entrepreneurs and Innovation...

Thailand security market: steady as she goes

As the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) reaches its 50th anniversary this year, there is much the region can boast about. Its 10 members include the likes of Vietnam and Philippines...

Thailand 5th In Cyber Security Threats In Asia

Thailand has been ranked fifth out of a total of 25 countries in Asia for cyber security risks that were encountered last year. Romanian Internet security company Bitdefender revealed the news. The...

Thailand plans cyber network scrutiny, law to toughen online monitoring

BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thailand aims to buy software to strengthen the military government’s ability to track online networks and monitor online activity while planning a cyber law that will expand...

The age of Security Analytics, Video Analytics and VCA

VCA Technology feels that the recent installation of an integrated video surveillance system at Wuxi East Railway Station in China is an excellent example of how video analytics can encompass...

Police to begin ticketing using CCTV

The Jakarta Police Traffic Management Directorate will start an operation to ticket vehicles by detecting violators via CCTV cameras on Monday. The ticketing scheme was officially put in motion after...

Cyber law balances security, information freedom

Dr Mai Liêm Trực, former deputy minister of Post and Communications, talks to the newspaper Nông thôn ngày nay (Countryside Today) about the need to finalise the draft Law on Cyber Security The draft...

Thailand 4.0

What is Thailand 4.0? Thailand 4.0 is an economic model that aims to unlock the country from several economic challenges resulting from past economic development models which place emphasis on...

Thailand to review security cameras to improve surveillance

The Thai prime minister has ordered a review of the 300,000 CCTV cameras that are installed at public spaces and roads in the country. General Prayuth Chan-ocha proposed the measure to improve...