How to adopt a surveillance approach that also boosts commercial revenues

As a security professional, you already know that surveillance systems in commercial environments should be built to keep guests, employees, and VIPs safe from physical incidents such as theft or unauthorized entry while also protecting them from sensitive data loss as a result of cyber-attacks. But what if your surveillance system could do even more?

When you invest in video surveillance that doesn't just keep people and data safe but can also help boost revenues for commercial spaces like hotels and shopping centers, you have a valuable advantage that can cut down on theft and vandalism, increase your reputation, and set your business apart from your competitors.

Here's how Pelco provides commercial environments a surveillance approach that exceeds expectations.

Capture consumer trends

One of the main priorities for any commercial property owner is to find ways of reducing costs while boosting revenues. VideoXpert features heat mapping technology, which captures "hot zones", or areas where customers spend a substantial amount of time compared to others. In shopping centers, this could be an invaluable tool for determining which department or product to highlight according to current consumer trends, which can optimize marketing strategies. 

And while people-counting analytics allow security professionals to track walk-in traffic to prevent overcrowding and similar scenarios, it can also be used to determine which days of the week see more customers or guests on average. This helps commercial spaces make additional strategic decisions that have the potential to boost revenues.

Cut down on shrinkage

Another way VideoXpert gives commercial environments a return on investment is through its ability to prevent and address loss prevention incidents as well as vandalism and other forms of criminal activity that can take a financial toll on such businesses. This is possible through the auto-tracking feature, which automatically detects suspicious activity as it happens and tracks the suspect in question so security professionals can respond to and mitigate such events within minutes. You can also increase your businesses’ potential to save costs that stem from property loss and damage.

Minimize liability incidents

Commercial businesses can also maximize profits by protecting themselves against false liability claims. Such claims can place major strains on revenues, but with VideoXpert, security personnel can access forensic-quality images during wrongful injury investigations, for example, and easily forward them to insurance agents or law enforcement if needed. By proactively adopting such solutions, you not only prevent or mitigate costs associated with liability incidents, the overall reputation of your business also rises, which has the potential to boost revenues.


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