TSSIA (Taiwan Safety and Security Industry Association) was established on January 28th, 2005 and was assisted by Industrial Development Bureau MOEA, Taiwan for cross-domain integration in Taiwan safety and security industry.

After 911 terrorist’s attacks, the United States established “Department of Homeland Security” for resources integration among various departments strengthening safety / security and counter-terrorist measures.

Currently, those have a great effect on the future development of safety and security industry in the whole world.

In Taiwan, the relevant safety and security industries scatter in every field and lack a coordination platform in charge of communication and coordination.

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Stand No: D117

Luyuan Grooved Fittings technology was introduced to bring our fire protection system up a notch. With our new techology, welding of pipes will be a thing of the past with its numerous disadvatages. Luyuan fittings will bring ease of installation with lower manpower cost. 


TIANJIN PUYOU MECH. & ELEC. EQUIPMENT CORPORATION is a special factory developing, designing and manufacturing electric motors, pumps and control equipments. The products are widely utilized in the fields of offshore oil, channel dredge, firefighting, mining industries and environmental protection, etc. It was founded in 1997,and it is a national high-tech enterprise and a listed corporation, its stock number is 837734.

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Stand No: F112

TSM Technology was established in January 2008, we focus on the field of building automation, "Innovation and Listening to the voice of our customers is our philosophy. We have introduced many new applications to central monitoring. Access control, DVR and other systems. TSM Technology will continue to propose new ideas and new applications to make our living environment safer, more convenient and more comfortable.