PH Philippines
Stand No: E117

Himmax Electronics is a Manila based security system provider and integrator since 1994. Our company is committed in providing smart security solution to our customers, made possible by our strong base of suppliers and enthusiastic group of employees. We market FDAS, PA/BGM, Access Control, Emergency Lights & other auxiliaries.

PH Philippines
Stand No: B111

HITEC International Corporation is a leading provider of innovative and reliable security systems and solutions in the Philippines servicing over thousands of clients nationwide. Established in 1997, HITEC is a duly registered corporation in the Philippines that has spearheaded and continuously offered the latest technology in electronic identification and security solutions for over two decades now which earned the trust and confidence of both new and long-time business partners such as DDS – Israel (Access Controls), SUPREMA (Fingerprint/Biometrics Authentication) awarded as “Partner of the Year 2017”, OMNI-ID (RFID Tags and Stickers), TELCOMA-CARDIN (Automatic Gates and Automatic Entrances), and IKLAS (Keys Management). The company specializes in RFID, Biometrics, Video Analytics, Intelligent Controllers and Wireless Technologies for the following systems applications: Access Control, Visitor Management, Time & Attendance, Personnel Locating, Process Control, Facilities Management, Energy Cost Reduction, Lift Access, Hotel Locks, Parking Parking Access, Keys Management, Intrusion Alerts and Asset/Library/Linen & Document Tracking Systems among others. Anchored on its commitment to “Making Life Simpler and More Secure,” HITEC continues to revolutionize the safety and security industry by keeping abreast of up-to-the-minute developments in this field. HITEC is also composed of young, competent and vibrant team of engineers, business development managers, support staff and sales representatives dedicated to provide excellent and quality products as well as reliable after-sales service.



TW Taiwan
Stand No: F110

Hometek is a manufacture of video intercom and security system, especially for complex systems with door-phone in the house, video/audio doorbell outside the house, public intercom for public area and entrance panel(s), concierge panel(s). Our systems are running stable in at least 5 hundred buildings (big or small) in Taiwan. And at least 50,000 tenants are using our products comfortably. Our engineers are extremely familiar with management of buildings. Therefore, our products aim to provide functions that buildings should have, such as door status indication and intelligent doorbell ringing.