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FAAC Simply Automatic is a leading establishment of the market of gate automation from Italy, which have diversified its product portfolio. FAAC Simply Automatic main products are automation for gates and barriers, entrances and automatic doors, motors for rolling shutters and screens, car parks and access control.

FAAC has continuous passion in research for new solutions and optimization of existing ones and creates modular automation solutions for vehicle access, automatic pedestrian entrances, screen and roller shutters for houses, offices, hotels and businesses. FAAC currently consists of 32 commercial companies in 24 countries, 18 production sites in 15 countries and 3 business units. 

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Rover XVI Technology

XVI is a new coaxial transmission protocol which is also compatible with AHD protocol. It supports unique features like XVI control that allows access to camera via coaxial, image enhancement and XVI upgrade through coaxial cable making the product standout among others. It supports multi-format which includes XVI, AHD, TVI, CVI, CVBS and IP video format making it a 6 in 1 recorder. This is the cost effective route system upgrade. It is capable of decoding up to 8MP (AHD) image resolution with maximum display of 1080P for VGA and up to 4K for HDMI video output. It has ONVIF protocol to support third-party cameras with ONVIF conformance. It is supported with OSD (On-Screen-Display) setting over coaxial (UTC: Up the Coax) which allows the user to make changes to the camera settings without having to access the camera. Its new remote connection server supports Cloud Technology to get rid of the complicated set-up remote monitoring both available in iOS and android in one step for mobile access worldwide. It enables a mobile phone to get notified even if the mobile app is closed with its Mobile Push Notification feature. H.265+, the latest video compression technology saves up to 70% of the transmission bandwidth and storage allowing to record for longer time. The latest video analytic feature, Human Detection, senses motion specifically for human bodies triggering the alarm.  Non-human movements will trigger the alarms reducing false alarms.  With H.265+ and Human Detection, it utilizes its bandwidth consumption and video storage for longer video recording.

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Fire Solution Inc. was incorporated on July 2002 which composed of several industry. Specialists in the line of Fire Protection, Fire Suppression, Fire Alarm and Detection System. 
Boost with over 10 years experience in the design, installation, testing and commissioning of special hazard Fire Protection System, Fire Suppression System, Fire Alarm and Detection System. 


Disaster Prevention Products

Because of the increasing impacts of climate change, the natural hazards of flood, landslide, and debris flow have become more common in these days. To help people be prepared for the natural disasters, FIT has researched and developed the Smart Portable Monitoring Unit. The Smart Portable Monitoring Unit is designed to capture the environmental changes by monitoring sensors, like rain gauges, and to communicate automatically and self-operation. Its compact size and long battery capacity enable the flexibility of dispatch and deployment in a monitoring network. The Unit has a customized plug-n-play interface to connect common sensors (like rain gauges and soil moisture sensor), and an all-in-one data logger which can store and transmit data with built-in communication sets. With the Smart Portable Monitoring Unit, the on-site monitoring at different locations becomes easy and simple, which is greatly convenient to the environmental monitoring, and significantly helpful in response to the climate changes. Furthermore, in response to the flood threats at the metropolitan areas, we offer an integrated solutions of monitoring networks, sensors, and the data acquisition and notification, to monitor and measure rainfall, water level and pressures, and provide real-time videos of sites.