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Geogrids are high tension polymeric meshes mainly used for soil reinforcement applications, which can provide high tensile strengths soils lack of. ACEGrid®, the registered trademark of ACE Geosynthetics for all its geogrid products, are offered in many types with different fabrication methods, materials, configurations, and coatings for diverse engineering requirements in the applications of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls (MSE), Reinforced Soil Slopes (RSS), basal reinforcement, road construction, mining, etc.


Geotextiles are permeable fabrics mainly used for providing functions of separation, filtration, reinforcement, protection or drainage in civil engineering applications. ACETex®, the registered trademark of ACE Geosynthetics for all its geotextile products, are offered with different materials and wide ranges of properties for diverse requirements from application of base reinforcement, subgrade stabilization, marine structure construction, etc.

ACETube®, ACEBag™ and ACEContainer™

Fabricated by multiple pieces of highly engineered geotextiles (ACETex®) and robust stitching, these geotextile containers in multi-dimensions can formed, including small-scale geotextile bags (ACEBag™), medium-sized geotextile tubes (ACETube®), and large-scale geotextiles container (ACEContainer™). These products can be widely applied for coastal protection, sludge treatment, dredging to obtain significant engineering, economic and ecological benefits.

ACEFormer™, ACEMat™ and ACECurtain™

To solve soil erosion and sediment dispersion problems in various site conditions, ACE Geosynthetics offers a series of engineeredgeosynthetic products including geotextile mattresses, turf reinforcement mats, geocells, flexible concrete revetments and silt curtains. These products have high performance, high installation efficiency, and can reduce the usage of costly materials, thus performing advantages in all safety, environmental and economic aspects.

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Advanced is one of the world's leading fire systems businesses.

Our products are protecting people and property in 60 countries worldwide and our reputation for performance and quality is unmatched.

Fire Systems are in our DNA. The people that started Advanced are the people that spearheaded modern intelligent, addressable fire systems.

They still work at Advanced and we train talented engineers and technologists every year. 25% of our business is dedicated to R&D. Our knowledge is unmatched, anywhere in the world and we're determined to keep it there.

Our systems are found in applications from small, single-panel sites to huge multi-node networks, in many of the most prestigious and challenging locations. We realise our growth comes from the strongest customer relationships. We stay friendly, flexible and reactive to your requirements and our customer service is consistently rated excellent.

We have offices in The UK, US, Dubai and India, and manufacture all of our products in the UK to demanding quality standards and hold global approvals.

We are proud to be part of Halma, A FTSE 100 Plc dedicated to growing a safer, cleaner and healthier future for everybody, everyday

Advanced is known all over the world for making the best quality, best performing fire systems.


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Alarm Systems Corporation is a company specializing in the field of Fire Detection, Fire Suppression, Foam and Security Systems.

The Company offers design, supply, install, commissioning and maintenance services adapted to specific customer requirements.

Alarm Systems has under its employ, individuals dedicated to sales, marketing and an experienced engineering team that ensures the quality of work done in our projects.

Organized in 1996, the Company has grown from its humble beginnings in the fire detection industry to become one of the major vendors and turnkey contractors for fire protection & security systems.

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Algon Enterprise is a Fire Protection Supplier /Installer Enterprise. Partnering with Hi-Tech Company, Tandatech Co. Ltd of Singapore, Together brings a Strong Management and R&D Team to cater to custumer needs, above all, and create a mutually beneficial venture as it aspires to be a leading player in the Field of Fire Alarm industry.

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Annex Digital is a security systems integrator and security managed services provider and one of the top security system providers in the Philippines. Our strengths are with multi-site security installations, Command Centers, smart city solutions, video management systems, alarm & access and remote monitoring services. Major clients include the top Philippine banks, telecom cell sites, smart cities and an international airport.

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Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality fire detection solutions for commercial and industrial applications. From our base in Havant, near Portsmouth on the UK’s south coast, we have for over 40 years, designed and built products that save lives and protect property from the risk of fire.

In that time, we have broadened our capability from a straightforward focus on conventional fire detectors to the manufacture of sophisticated analogue addressable detectors and interfaces.

Through planned expansions, Apollo has reached a leading global position in the market for professional fire detection. With regional offices in the UK, AmericaChina, Dubai, Germany and India, plus a network of partners and distributors on five continents, we have cemented our place as a world-class fire solutions provider.

Apollo is part of the Halma group of companies. Halma is a FTSE Top 100 listed PLC, with over 40 subsidiaries worldwide; all engaged in specialist engineering activities.

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ARCRAN INC. concentrates on developing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for smart city applications. We propose advanced cybersecurity solutions based on machine learning algorithm to help governments and enterprises quickly respond to various cybersecurity threats and attacks, through automatic cybersecurity analysis, attack simulation, and risk evaluation. Besides, we provide cybersecurity solutions to protect application fields, such as Critical Information Infrastructure, Public Utilities, Industry IoT, Medical Systems, Smart Building, 5G/V2X, etc. We believe that cybersecurity is the fundamental enabler of IoT development. ARCRAN INC. is your best partner to strengthen cybersecurity protection capability, decrease operation risk, and bring value to IoT governance.

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