AE United Arab Emirates
Stand No: F111

“AL Khoory pumps”, a product of UAE origin, offers a comprehensive range of UL listed and FM approved fire pumps. Having an extensive range of pressure ratings, AL Khoory fire pumps are rated for flow from 50 to 5000 usgpm.

Manufactured by Aikah Pump Assembly LLC, the product has established itself as a market leader in the UAE, with an expanding presence worldwide. Being in compliance with NFPA 20, AL Khoory fire pumps are listed by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and approved by Factory Mutual (FM). The firm has its own state of the art testing facility where the fire pumps are tested and inspected by UL and FM engineers. The test facility is fully equipped and utilizes all test instruments calibrated to ISO 17025 where every pump is subject to performance and hydrostatic test.

The facility also has a fully equipped assembly line where pumps undergo inspection and production control to ensure the highest levels of quality standards. Having the complete unit responsibility of the fire pump set, we at Aikah Pump Assembly undertake strict quality control measures to ensure total compliance with NFPA 20.

AL Khoory Pumps



CHUNG MEI (CM) has been a leading and professional fire alarm manufacturer in Taiwan for almost 50 years. We offer good quality products of Fire Alarm System, including Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors, Fire Alarm Control Panel and Fire Alarm Accessories.

CM products are all with CE and ISO9001 certificates, and all the products are made in Taiwan.

In addition to being the leader brand in Taiwan with well-recognized quality, we have been working on expanding our oversea markets. Furthermore, we have good reputation in many countries such as Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia.., etc. As well as, we are confident that we can provide you more competitive choices when dealing with different types of projects. The ultimate goal of our company is to put our products in every major market of the world. Our philosophy is to take care of all the customers' needs and people's safety.




PH Philippines
Stand No: F117

Ecoglo designs and manufactures photoluminescent (PL) exit signs and emergency visibility products. The patented manufacturing process utilises High Temperature Curing (HTC) technology to produce products with very high light storage capabilities and excellent out-door durability. HTC technology produces products that are fundamentally different to all other PVC based products produced in China.

Ecoglo's products are used in facilities as varied as Dubai's Burj Khalifa, Los Angeles' One Bank Tower, the Pentagon, Calgary International Airport and Singapore Supreme Court.

PH Philippines
Stand No:
PH Philippines
Stand No: B101

HITEC International Corporation is a leading provider of innovative and reliable security systems and solutions in the Philippines servicing over thousands of clients nationwide. Established in 1997, HITEC is a duly registered corporation in the Philippines that has spearheaded and continuously offered the latest technology in electronic identification and security solutions for over two decades now which earned the trust and confidence of both new and long-time business partners such as DDS – Israel (Access Controls), SUPREMA (Fingerprint/Biometrics Authentication) awarded as “Partner of the Year 2017”, OMNI-ID (RFID Tags and Stickers), TELCOMA-CARDIN (Automatic Gates and Automatic Entrances), and IKLAS (Keys Management). The company specializes in RFID, Biometrics, Video Analytics, Intelligent Controllers and Wireless Technologies for the following systems applications: Access Control, Visitor Management, Time & Attendance, Personnel Locating, Process Control, Facilities Management, Energy Cost Reduction, Lift Access, Hotel Locks, Parking Parking Access, Keys Management, Intrusion Alerts and Asset/Library/Linen & Document Tracking Systems among others. Anchored on its commitment to “Making Life Simpler and More Secure,” HITEC continues to revolutionize the safety and security industry by keeping abreast of up-to-the-minute developments in this field. HITEC is also composed of young, competent and vibrant team of engineers, business development managers, support staff and sales representatives dedicated to provide excellent and quality products as well as reliable after-sales service.



PH Philippines
Stand No: F120

Security Solutions you can Trust.

JVA Technologies is a Queensland-based company formed from the partnership between Australian and South African electric fence professionals. JVA Technologies has well over 40 years of experience in protecting homes, businesses, farms, high-security facilities, and other sites all over the world. JVA’s goal is simple; to provide high-quality security supplies and solutions to customers worldwide.

JVA Security Supply Center, Inc., also known as JVA Philippines is the country’s exclusive distributor of JVA Security Products and IDS Digital Security Products. We share the same dedication of keeping our clients safe with world-class electric fence systems, perimeter patrol systems, and other security solutions. Here at JVA Philippines, we make it a point to tailor our services to each of our customers. We make sure that all our clients get the security solution that best suits their needs, preference, and budget.

JVA Philippines has a wide array of top-of-the-line security products and supplies. This allows us to cater to the security needs of individuals, companies, industries, government agencies, and the like. From electric fence and perimeter patrol systems, all the way to security alarms and detectors, trust that we have it for you.

Aside from offering exceptional and cost-effective security supplies, JVA Philippines has an experienced and well-trained technical team to install, service, and repair your security system. Our technical team has undergone a thorough background screening and intensive technical training to ensure that we can address all your security needs. At the end of the day, JVA Philippines can give you state-of-the-art security solutions and the peace of mind that you truly need.

PH Philippines
Stand No: P111

Nabu Fire Suppression System offers a portable manual aerosol dispenser with remarkable extinguishing capacity. It is non-toxic, non-corrosive and environmentally safe. It is a small lightweight cylinder: the upper part is a metal tube containing the extinguishing charge; the lower part is made of plastic and serves as a support handle. Upon ignition, the powerful extinguishing charge produces a potassium aerosol jet that lasts for about approximately 25 seconds for the Household model, approximately 50 seconds for the Professional model and up to approximately.

KR South Korea
Stand No: D116

The Philippine Society For Industrial Security (PSIS) Is The Philippines ' Largest Organization Of Security Professionals. Its Members Provide Protection To The People, Property, Information, And Assets Of Diverse Private And Public.

PSIS Members Are Management Specialists Who Formulate Security Policies And Programs For Banks, Aerospace Facilities, Communication Networks, Hotels, Educational Institutions, Hospital, Shopping Malls, Domestic And Foreign Corporations, And Countless Business Institutions. Security Administrators From The Nation's Leading Firms Are Included In The Organization. Since Its Founding As A Professional Membership Society On December 17, 1982, PSIS Has Continued To Grow In Number And Played A Pivotal Role In Advancing Professionalism In The Field Of Security. The Society's National Network Is Organized At Local And Regional Levels. PSIS Sponsors The CSP Review Program For The Advancement Of The Security Profession. A Candidate For CSP Accreditation Should Meet Educational And Experience Requirements And Must Pass A Written Examination. In Order To Qualify For CSP Re-Certification, A Member Should Meet The Educational And Other Professional Development Activities.

To Keep Members Informed Of The Latest Developments In Security Practice And Technology And To Further Integrate Specialized Knowledge And Skills, PSIS Has Established More Than Enough Standing Committees. One Committee Concentrates On The Specialized Functions That Include Physical Security, Disaster Planning, Crime Prevention And Fire Protection, As Well As Safety, Drug Abuse, Terrorism, Computer Security, Fraud And White Collar Crime.

Since PSIS Is A Professional Membership Society And Not A Trade Association, It Does Not Represent The Special Interest Of Any One Group. Instead, PSIS Seeks To Advance The Interest Of The Security Profession As A Whole. The Society Plays And Educational Role In The Legislative Process By Keeping Lawmakers Informed Of The Professional's Position On The Security Related Issues. It Also Monitors The Activities Of Regulatory Agencies To Keep Members Up-To-Date.

The Safety Organization of the Philippines (SOPI) is a non-profit, non-govermental, national public service organization dedicated to protecting life and promoting health. Members of SOPI include businesses, schools, public agencies, private groups, labor organizations and individuals. Founded in 1959, the primary focus of SOPI is preventing deaths and injuries that occur in workplace, homes, communities and roads.

PH Philippines
Stand No: E117
PH Philippines
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SecurityMatters™ is a security and safety news network and data aggregator—a leading source of information about issues covering global, national, and socio-economic security matters that affect the Philippines. With a unique roster of advisers and resource persons from both the public and private sectors, we offer evaluation and risk assessment alongside our data—from relevant security issues that impact security and safety practitioners’ professional growth, social networking activities, and career development; to information that will enable CEOs and general managers to gain a better perspective on valuing security initiatives in the workplace and identifying what security professionals could offer.

Sheng Yi Tech & Analytics Co., Ltd. is a leading & professional agent of gas detectors in Taiwan for more than 20 years. We provide fixed and portable gas detectors, as well as customers, advanced maintenance and repair. In addition to the Taiwan market, we are also the general agent of mPower in the Asia Pacific region and responsible for promoting stable and quality products to the Asia Pacific region. We are looking for the distributors and agents for mPower which are professional and can offer great after-service and calibration.




PH Philippines
Stand No: D115

Established in 2007: Spartans 3 Trading Corporation is an importer and exclusive distributor of various manufacturers worldwide: Lukas and Vetter in Germany for their hydraulic and pneumatic equipment; Autech AG in Switzerland for their rail grinding machine and other maintenance equipment; Transurb simulation in Belgium for their train simulators; GSSI in U.S.A. for their GPR devices, among others. Spartans 3 Trading Corporation engages in the importation and distribution of various products catered to private and public sectors in multiple industries ranging from search and rescue, road safety, law enforcement, railway, among others. We work closely with our clients in developing programs and products that will cater to their requirements.

MY Malaysia
Stand No: D120

Established in 1974, SRI is proudly a Malaysian company that offers a comprehensive range of firefighting products, equipment and technology solutions through a vast network of distributors worldwide. Always at the forefront of Malaysian firefighting advances, SRI’s products are certified by international standard boards such as VdS, LPCB, BSI, UL, FM and SAI Global, underlining our commitment to the provision of the most reliable firefighting solutions for local and global needs. SRI’s products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities which allows us to produce quality products along with the flexibility to cater to specific needs and standards.

PH Philippines
Stand No: B111

Wireless Link Technologies, Inc. (WLTI) is a premier Information and Communications Technology (ICT) provider and systems integrator in the Philippines specializing in the field of security, surveillance, wireless communications, GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management, VoIP telephony, solar power and networking solutions.

KR South Korea
Stand No: E116