AEC SUPPLY CO., LTD. exports Fire, Rescue and Safety PPE and Equipment to the ASEAN region from our warehouse and office in Thailand. We represent in the ASEAN Region, International Brands to EN and NFPA Standards including Paratech Rescue Tools, BSP Firefighting Turnouts, Phenix Fire Helmets with prompt delivery from stock.


Safety Technology International Ltd manufacture and distribute a wide range of specialist products to protect essential fire and security equipment from vandalism, theft or accidental damage. The product range consist of over 1000 products from tough polycarbonate covers, designed to protect fire alarm call points from vandalism, reducing the threat of false fire alarms to alarmed devices to protect and monitor unauthorised opening of a fire door or removal of a fire extinguisher. Also within the range are heavy-duty cages, EN54-11 ReSet call points, IP rated enclosures and the Wireless Alert Series.

CN China
Stand No: C114

5ELEM is a leading enterprise for R&D and manufacture of the raw materials and completed products with the core technology of Composite Material.

5ELEM's high end lay-flat hoses are the scale application of the flexible polymer material and high strength fiber. Our company continuously pushes forward the design, innovation and also the scale production of the specialty hoses including but not limited to the shale gas fracking hose, high volume firefighting hose, oil delivery hose, repairable hose, fertilizing drag hoses etc.

PH Philippines
Stand No: E120

Alarm Systems Corporation is a company specializing in the field of Fire Detection, Fire Suppression, Foam and Security Systems.

The Company offers design, supply, install, commissioning and maintenance services adapted to specific customer requirements.

Alarm Systems has under its employ, individuals dedicated to sales, marketing and an experienced engineering team that ensures the quality of work done in our projects.

Organized in 1996, the Company has grown from its humble beginnings in the fire detection industry to become one of the major vendors and turnkey contractors for fire protection & security systems.

PH Philippines
Stand No: C111

Annex Digital is a security systems integrator and security managed services provider and one of the top security system providers in the Philippines. Our strengths are with multi-site security installations, Command Centers, smart city solutions, video management systems, alarm & access and remote monitoring services. Major clients include the top Philippine banks, telecom cell sites, smart cities and an international airport.

TW Taiwan
Stand No: F111

ARCRAN INC. concentrates on developing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for smart city applications. We propose advanced cybersecurity solutions based on machine learning algorithm to help governments and enterprises quickly respond to various cybersecurity threats and attacks, through automatic cybersecurity analysis, attack simulation, and risk evaluation. Besides, we provide cybersecurity solutions to protect application fields, such as Critical Information Infrastructure, Public Utilities, Industry IoT, Medical Systems, Smart Building, 5G/V2X, etc. We believe that cybersecurity is the fundamental enabler of IoT development. ARCRAN INC. is your best partner to strengthen cybersecurity protection capability, decrease operation risk, and bring value to IoT governance.


We are an active and successful manufacturer/exporter in the firefighting industry in China. We combine good quality products with competitive prices and efficient services. In this way, Synergy has exported products to more than 80 countries all over the world. Our intelligent sales & technical teams are always ready to provide expertise services for any inquiries from clients.

Joining Synergy and sharing the bright future together.


Bengbu EI FIRE Electronics Co., Ltd. is a leading fire alarm system and solution provider in China,Founded in 1995, relying on CETI (China Electronics Technology Instrument), EI FIRE has become a well-known brand in the domestic fire alarm industry market. We have been highly supported and trusted by our customers for the advanced technology and excellent quality of our products.

CN China
Stand No: C116

Better Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing pumps and valves. We are supported by an experienced technical team, machining workers and strict inspection to offer various products with competitive prices and reliable quality.


CHUNG MEI (CM) has been a professional fire alarm manufacturer in Taiwan for almost 50 years. We have good reputation overseas, and we offer good quality products of fire alarm system, including Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors, Fire Alarm Control Panel and Fire Accessories. CM products are all with CE and ISO9001 certificates. We have accumulated plenty of marketing experiences for the past years; at the same time, we have dedicated ourselves to research and development of new products to keep up with the times. Our philosophy is to meet the needs of customers and provide the best service.

PH Philippines
Stand No: G119

COMSPEC is a systems integrator and a solutions provider for more than 20 years, specializing in Information and Communications Technology, Safety and Security, Audio-Visual Solutions and Emerging Technology. The company has successfully built and maintained strong relationships with clientele from various industries nationwide. Its technology-enabled solutions are tailor-fit to achieve the business goals and objectives of each client. Comspec provides turn-key solutions from concept, design, acquisition, installation, to support and maintenance.

PH Philippines
Stand No: D114

CONSOLIDATED ROBUST INCORPORATED (CRI) was the first company to introduce the Busduct systems in the Philippines. We also carry one of the most modern and precision HOCHIKI Fire Alarm System. And we are also a major distributor of well known high end Lighting System, LG Security System, Door Access System and Home and Commercial Automation System.

We are the pioneer in installations of Busduct system in the Philippines. We also imports and do installation services on electrical, lighting, sprinkler and Fire alarm system to the Philippines well known major real estate developers and building constructions company like the Malls, Industrial Plants, High Rise Residential and Office Condominiums.

As the pioneer and one of the industrial standard makers CRI adapts advanced conception designs and tech construction technologies, distinguishing itself as the top professional company in this field. Based on the strong backgrounds, CRI has gained splendid achievements in the sales and installations of electrical system, Busduct and Fire Detection Alarm System, Sprinkler System, Home and Security Automation System here in the Philippines.

PH Philippines
Stand No: F113

Ecoglo designs and manufactures photoluminescent (PL) exit signs and emergency visibility products. The patented manufacturing process utilises High Temperature Curing (HTC) technology to produce products with very high light storage capabilities and excellent out-door durability. HTC technology produces products that are fundamentally different to all other PVC based products produced in China.

Ecoglo's products are used in facilities as varied as Dubai's Burj Khalifa, Los Angeles' One Bank Tower, the Pentagon, Calgary International Airport and Singapore Supreme Court.

PH Philippines
Stand No: P101

XVI Hybrid Video Recorder

The Rover XVI Hybrid Video Recorders still supports both IP network cameras and analog (XVI, AHD, TVI, CVI, and CVBS) video format making it a 5-in-1 video recorder. This allows video recorder upgrade while retaining existing analog cameras, therefore provides a cost effective upgrade route for an old CCTV system. With its new remote connection server

PH Philippines
Stand No: G113
PH Philippines
Stand No: E117

Himmax Electronics is a Manila based security system provider and integrator since 1994. Our company is committed in providing smart security solution to our customers, made possible by our strong base of suppliers and enthusiastic group of employees. We market FDAS, PA/BGM, Access Control, Emergency Lights & other auxiliaries.

PH Philippines
Stand No: B111

HITEC International Corporation is a leading provider of innovative and reliable security systems and solutions in the Philippines servicing over thousands of clients nationwide. Established in 1997, HITEC is a duly registered corporation in the Philippines that has spearheaded and continuously offered the latest technology in electronic identification and security solutions for over two decades now which earned the trust and confidence of both new and long-time business partners such as DDS – Israel (Access Controls), SUPREMA (Fingerprint/Biometrics Authentication) awarded as “Partner of the Year 2017”, OMNI-ID (RFID Tags and Stickers), TELCOMA-CARDIN (Automatic Gates and Automatic Entrances), and IKLAS (Keys Management). The company specializes in RFID, Biometrics, Video Analytics, Intelligent Controllers and Wireless Technologies for the following systems applications: Access Control, Visitor Management, Time & Attendance, Personnel Locating, Process Control, Facilities Management, Energy Cost Reduction, Lift Access, Hotel Locks, Parking Parking Access, Keys Management, Intrusion Alerts and Asset/Library/Linen & Document Tracking Systems among others. Anchored on its commitment to “Making Life Simpler and More Secure,” HITEC continues to revolutionize the safety and security industry by keeping abreast of up-to-the-minute developments in this field. HITEC is also composed of young, competent and vibrant team of engineers, business development managers, support staff and sales representatives dedicated to provide excellent and quality products as well as reliable after-sales service.



TW Taiwan
Stand No: F110

Hometek is a manufacture of video intercom and security system, especially for complex systems with door-phone in the house, video/audio doorbell outside the house, public intercom for public area and entrance panel(s), concierge panel(s). Our systems are running stable in at least 5 hundred buildings (big or small) in Taiwan. And at least 50,000 tenants are using our products comfortably. Our engineers are extremely familiar with management of buildings. Therefore, our products aim to provide functions that buildings should have, such as door status indication and intelligent doorbell ringing.

PH Philippines
Stand No: E101

IOT Philippines Inc. is an aggressive company who utilize cutting edge technology of the “Internet of Things”, and a closely related field, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to transform how we live our daily lives. It will totally revolutionize every business, every government, every household, every educational system for the better.

We create miniature smart machines by implanting microchips, RFID tags, environmental sensors, and cameras into everyday objects.

We generate solutions to enable, not only people, but also “things” to connect to the internet. And with custom applications, collect vast amounts of data, process them and allow these embedded machines to intelligently react according to the circumstances.

We understand that embedding intelligence in “things” will create knowledge, which will one day become even more valuable than producing the actual goods. Intelligent Objects will not totally replace humans, but they will work alongside to create knowledge and to boost productivity.

We offer both off-the-shelf and customized solutions in different vertical applications such as Health/Wellness, Smart Homes, Logistics Solutions, Agriculture, and more.  The possibilities are almost limitless. That is because once these objects are “embedded with intelligence” they share a powerful new ability: the ability to communicate – with people and each other.

TW Taiwan
Stand No: F108

IronYun is an artificial intelligence software company formed through the R&D ties with the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) Cloud Computing Center. First launched in 2015, IronYun products are the front-runner in deep learning technology for video surveillance and smart city. Our solutions have been successfully deployed by governments, universities and corporate enterprises. IronYun's headquarter is in Stamford, Connecticut, with offices in the US, East and Southeast Asia (Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, and Singapore), and the Middle East. Our customer bases span 19 countries, including the US, UK, Sweden, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, India, Philippines, and Singapore.

PH Philippines
Stand No: F120

Security Solutions you can Trust.

JVA Technologies is a Queensland-based company formed from the partnership between Australian and South African electric fence professionals. JVA Technologies has well over 40 years of experience in protecting homes, businesses, farms, high-security facilities, and other sites all over the world. JVA’s goal is simple; to provide high-quality security supplies and solutions to customers worldwide.

JVA Security Supply Center, Inc., also known as JVA Philippines is the country’s exclusive distributor of JVA Security Products and IDS Digital Security Products. We share the same dedication of keeping our clients safe with world-class electric fence systems, perimeter patrol systems, and other security solutions. Here at JVA Philippines, we make it a point to tailor our services to each of our customers. We make sure that all our clients get the security solution that best suits their needs, preference, and budget.

JVA Philippines has a wide array of top-of-the-line security products and supplies. This allows us to cater to the security needs of individuals, companies, industries, government agencies, and the like. From electric fence and perimeter patrol systems, all the way to security alarms and detectors, trust that we have it for you.

Aside from offering exceptional and cost-effective security supplies, JVA Philippines has an experienced and well-trained technical team to install, service, and repair your security system. Our technical team has undergone a thorough background screening and intensive technical training to ensure that we can address all your security needs. At the end of the day, JVA Philippines can give you state-of-the-art security solutions and the peace of mind that you truly need.

PH Philippines
Stand No: D101

KEDACOM, as a leading provider of video products and relevant solutions, is committed to video conference, video surveillance and various video solutions to help public and corporate customers improve communication and management efficiency.

Video Conference 

Engaged in video conference for over 12 years, KEDACOM is one of the most mainstream manufacturers around the world and also the most indispensable representative in China video conference market. KEDACOM provides integrated video conference products which include HD, SD, MCU, a variety of  codec terminals and diverse conference peripherals to satisfy customer demands in different industries, different scales and different environments. At present, KEDACOM video conference products have been widely applied to all public and private sectors, with over 100,000 nodes of successful deployment.

Video Surveillance

Accessed to the IP surveillance security industry since 2004, KEDACOM has engaged in the development and promotion of network video surveillance in China and become the most influential brand in HD IP surveillance field. Based on accumulated experiences for almost a decade, KEDACOM has formed  comprehensive and advanced technical advantages in the CMS platform, NVR and HD IP camera and relevant products have been widely deployed and applied in safety security and many other areas.

Video Application Solutions

KEDACOM possesses the core technologies, product manufacture and solution providing of two business lines including video conference and video surveillance. The company accumulates abundant practical experience so as to provide various video solutions such as Emergency Dispatch System, Remote Compliant Reception, Remote Prison Visit, Distance Learning, Surgical Operation Demo System, Digital Court and Remote Video Interrogation. These applications combine video conference and video surveillance into some unique solutions for customer business and largely broaden video communication and management in efficiency.

KR South Korea
Stand No: G115

KJ Tech located in South Korea manufactures Fingerprint & Card readers for PAC & TA and distributes HID global products as a NAS partner.

From KEICO HIGHTEC, KJ Tech has been continued to do this PAC & TA business for more than 20 years.

Based on robust biometric readers, KJ Tech provides its customers with not only products but also a number of various solutions to build 100% perfect security system.

We are looking for reliable and experienced partners to discover Philippine market together.

Please visit KJ Tech booth G115 to see our demonstration and discuss business.

Thank you.

TW Taiwan
Stand No: F107

Here at T3, we provide an innovative solution for structured cabling professionals, from testers, hand tools, to DataCom accessories, and we are dedicated to making the jobs easier for DataCom professionals. SNAP PLUG is a new series of the pass-thru modular plug that we just started to offer to the market, specific specs are offered for the different level of usage from Cat5 to Cat6a, as well as UTP and shielded ones.

PH Philippines
Stand No: G118

Sales & Servicing of Fire Fighting & Lifesaving Equipment

SG Singapore
Stand No: H102

Main Hardware International Pte Ltd is the regional office of Main Hardware Inc. based in Philippines with the aim to provide quality architectural and security solutions to the Asia Pacific. Our Parent company, Main Hardware Inc. Philippines was established in 1953. It started as a general hardware store and evolved into an entity specialising in architectural door hardware and ultimately into Electronic Access Control System CCTV surveillance system provider. The transition from mechanical door hardware into electronic security have given the group the distinct advantage of being a security specialist both in the mechanical and electronics fields.

IN India
Stand No: D120

Mallcom (India) Ltd. is a Government of India recognized Export house and one of the leading manufacturer, exporter and distributor of a comprehensive range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) covering head to toe protection. Mallcom has twelve high-tech 9001:2008 certified manufacturing facilities across India. Our manufacturing units have in-house facilities for performing all necessary tests as per EN and BIS norms.

US United States
Stand No: E119

Morse Watchmans makes key control easier and more efficient with key management systems and is security industry’s leading provider of key control, key security and key and asset management solutions. Morse Watchmans’ key management systems can be custom tailored to meet your exact key and asset management needs — with the added comfort of knowing that the system can be expanded or reconfigured as your needs change.Visit Morse Watchmans at stand E119

KR South Korea
Stand No: F116

NICE ENTECH CO., LTD. Started as a private company in 2001 and made a leap from a branch specialist company that was converted into a corporation in June 2003 and established a factory specialized in the production of non-combustible materials, SUS piping, air conditioner large piping and digestion landfill piping , "Professional Fire Fighting Products Manufacturing Company" will be newly released.

CN China
Stand No: C112

Ningbo Huacheng has provided fire protection products since 1989. We offer following service and products:

- UL-listed and FM-approved brass forged angle hose valves

- Water Mark approved bronze casting fire hydrant valve.

- Fire Department connections, Adapters and Nipples

- OEM components based on drawings or sample products we are able to design and manufacture all kinds of hydrant valve body and components as customer drawing.

PH Philippines
Stand No: F115

Pure Force and Rescue Corporation has been founded by a dedicated group of businessmen who desire to help the country in addressing response to the growing number of incidents relating to crime, disaster and emergency. Pure Force has constructed the first of many strategic command and control center capable of providing actionable intelligence to both private and government agencies and aiding them in crime prevention, disaster relief operations and other everyday emergencies. Pure Force and Rescue Corporation is a private initiative created to connect emergency response agencies across the Philippines.

AE United Arab Emirates
Stand No: E116

Rapidrop – The complete Fire Protection solution

Rapidrop is committed to fire safety and protecting lives. This is demonstrated by our continued investment in research and development, conducted at our own state of the art test facilities - one of its kind in the UK. Rapidrop is focused on bringing new products to market that make our customers lives easier, safer and better.

Rapidrop Global Ltd is a fully certified British manufacturer of sprinkler heads and fire protection equipment. Our aim is to provide you with a complete and tailored product solution that covers all of your fire protection needs.

PH Philippines
Stand No: F114

Safety Tech Innovation Inc. was established on August 25, 2015 and one of the independently family owned fire Protection Company in the Philippines. STI offers its clients an advantage of dealing with a company that provides solutions for active fire suppression, detection and alarm systems to the entire region of the Philippines. We have the capabilities and staff to perform in fabrication, installation, testing, inspections, service and preventive maintenance.

Safety Tech Innovation Inc. employs an in-house team of professional engineers who can create a total fire protection program, and can serve the market of industrial, medical, pharmaceutical, financial, educational and governmental agencies. We’re focused on upholding top of the line and quality fire protection safety.

Find out about our range of products and services. Call or email us! [email protected], 936 3723 or 0943 468 9988


PH Philippines
Stand No: P134

Senstar has been safeguarding people, places and property with the world’s largest portfolio of perimeter intrusion detection sensors for over 35 years. Now combined with world-class video management systems and analytics (formerly Aimetis), Senstar offers a comprehensive suite of proven technologies that work together to reduce complexity, improve performance and unify support.

CN China
Stand No: C113

Established in 2007, Shanghai Allife Industry Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter which design, develop production of fire extinguisher and firefighting equipment in China.


Shenyang Renhui Fire Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2017, is a modern enterprise specializing in research, development, production and sales of new fire extinguishing products. It is also an outstanding manufacturer focusing on normal temperature, low temperature, concentrated and alcohol type water fire extinguishing agent and simple, wheeled and portable fire extinguisher.


Addressable fire alarm system, Conventional fire alarm system, Emergency lights, Hose reel, Fire Pump, FM200 Gas fire suppression system manufacturer.


Shenzhen Fanhai Sanjiang Electronics Co., Ltd. As a high-tech company founded in 1985 and affiliated to the China Oceanwide Holdings Group, the Shenzhen Fanhai Sanjiang Electronics Co., Ltd. ( Fanhai Sanjiang ) is one of the top three manufacturers in China engaged in the R&D, production, sales, engineering design and installation of fire alarm equipment, Sanjiang now manages two factories in Shenzhen, with 20, 000 sq meters of office and production space. Both factories are equipped with advanced production line.


Shenzhen Jieshun Science and Technology Industry Co. Ltd (“JIESHUN”, 002609.SZ) is the world's leading one-stop supplier of smart parking solutions, integrating cutting-edge technologies which are license plate recognition (LPR), parking guidance system(PGS),facial recognition, mobile payment, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, big data, etc. JIESHUN provides overall industry solutions of Internet+ Parking, and is committed to creating a new ecosystem of smart parking.


YLI Electronic is one of the most professional electric locks manufacturers in Asia. We specialize in manufacturing access control products, including: Electromagnetic Locks, Drop bolts, Electric Strikes, Keypad,Buttons,Door holder, remote control and other accessories ,totally over 300 types of products. Our products have been certified by the CE, MA、ROSH、ISO9001, UL and PCT.

PH Philippines
Stand No: P149

Simplevia Technologies Inc. offers cutting-edge solutions to small-medium enterprises. We provide the simplest and most practical solutions to our clients without compromising performance. Simplevia offers a wide range of services from data center solution, management and inventory systems through RFID technology, system development and so much more. We develop different solutions from simple systems such as asset tracking to much more complex ones such as cashless payment systems through NFC cards. Our solution offering also extends to the whole telecom industry’s infrastructure value chain from In-Building Solutions (IBS) to outdoor construction, site acquisition services and telecom implementation. Simplevia is rapidly gaining the confidence and trust of major enterprises by delivering the best solutions and allowing businesses to faster achieve their investment return and time to revenue.

In Simplevia, we believe that everything can be simplified. We take pride in being able to come up with the best and most practical solutions that will help our clients with their big data problems. We are always on the lookout for technologies that we can offer to our clients. We are committed to helping our customers adapt to the ever-growing and dynamic nature of the IT industry with simple yet powerful solutions.



TW Taiwan
Stand No: G109 - G112

The Soil and Water Conservation Bureau (SWCB) is the agency of the Council of Agriculture of Taiwan with the main tasks of soil and water conservation, watershed management and erosion control. To serve society through soil and water conservation as well as free rural residents from the threat of natural disasters, SWCB together with five Taiwanese vendors (Sinotech Engineering Consultants, Focus Intelligence Technology, ACE Geosynthetics, GeoForce Technologies and EasyMap Digital Technology) will bring an all-rounded solution, including the sensor designs, monitoring techniques, warning models and UAVs to share experiences and insights in the future development of disaster prevention.

MY Malaysia
Stand No: D113

Established in 1974, SRI is proudly a Malaysian company that offers a comprehensive range of firefighting products, equipment and technology solutions through a vast network of distributors worldwide. Always at the forefront of Malaysian firefighting advances, SRI’s products are certified by international standard boards such as VdS, LPCB, BSI, UL, FM and SAI Global, underlining our commitment to the provision of the most reliable firefighting solutions for local and global needs. SRI’s products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities which allows us to produce quality products along with the flexibility to cater to specific needs and standards.

TW Taiwan
Stand No: P106

Founded in 2000, Synology creates network-attached storage (NAS), IP surveillance solutions, and network equipment that transform the way users manage data, conduct surveillance, and manage network in the cloud era. By taking full advantage of the latest technologies, Synology is committed to delivering products with forward-thinking features and best-in-class customer service.



Synology Surveillance Solution


Dedicated NVR Solution

• PC-less compact surveillance solution

• Hassel-free installation and configuration

• Enhanced surveillance efficiency with multi-stream switching

• Great compatibility with 90 camera brands and 5500+ IP camera models


Office Surveillance for SMB

• Search recordings for specific actions with Smart Search

• Exceptional desktop client performance

• Mobile surveillance and notification alerts

• Cost-effective, all-in-one server solution for multi-purpose deployment


Large Scale Deployment for Enterprise

• Central Management System (up to 300 servers and 5000 IP cameras) with N+M failover mechanism

• Scalable storage capacity

• 6 intelligent Live View Analytics

• Action Rules - interact intelligently with other devices

PH Philippines
Stand No: D111

SystemHUB Distribution Inc. (SDI) is a leading provider and distributor of automation, communication, surveillance system, building management system and infrastructure auxiliary products. The company has broad technology portfolio ranging from Fire Alarm Detection System, Centralized Access Control, Intrusion Motion Alarm, Biometrics, Barrier & Gate Automation, Surveillance CCTV and PABX System.

SystemHUB Distribution Inc. provides customers with innovative and cost-effective products manufactured by quality certified companies. Through the years SystemHUB Distribution Inc. differentiates itself by distributing high quality products from various countries around the globe, coupled with highly trained technical team to support our valued clients.

PH Philippines
Stand No: A116

SYSTEMS VARIABLE TECHNICOM INC. is a provider of integrated electronic security, safety and auxiliary systems for commercial and government clients. Since our creation, we have raised the bar on service throughout the metropolitan area and beyond when it comes to integrated security, safety and auxiliary systems. By offering better value and more responsive service, the company will be known. Our products and services include the supply and installation of Door Access, CCTV System, Burglar Alarm, Turnstile, Car Park, Lift Access, PABGM, Nurse Call, Structured Cabling, FDAS, EMS, BMS, Central Monitoring, We also have Electrical system and Fire protection System


TSSIA (Taiwan Safety and Security Industry Association) was established on January 28th, 2005 and was assisted by Industrial Development Bureau MOEA, Taiwan for cross-domain integration in Taiwan safety and security industry.

After 911 terrorist’s attacks, the United States established “Department of Homeland Security” for resources integration among various departments strengthening safety / security and counter-terrorist measures.

Currently, those have a great effect on the future development of safety and security industry in the whole world.

In Taiwan, the relevant safety and security industries scatter in every field and lack a coordination platform in charge of communication and coordination.

PH Philippines
Stand No: D117

Luyuan Grooved Fittings technology was introduced to bring our fire protection system up a notch. With our new techology, welding of pipes will be a thing of the past with its numerous disadvatages. Luyuan fittings will bring ease of installation with lower manpower cost. 


TIANJIN PUYOU MECH. & ELEC. EQUIPMENT CORPORATION is a special factory developing, designing and manufacturing electric motors, pumps and control equipments. The products are widely utilized in the fields of offshore oil, channel dredge, firefighting, mining industries and environmental protection, etc. It was founded in 1997,and it is a national high-tech enterprise and a listed corporation, its stock number is 837734.

TW Taiwan
Stand No: F112

TSM Technology was established in January 2008, we focus on the field of building automation, "Innovation and Listening to the voice of our customers is our philosophy. We have introduced many new applications to central monitoring. Access control, DVR and other systems. TSM Technology will continue to propose new ideas and new applications to make our living environment safer, more convenient and more comfortable.


Volkan Firefighting Company is one of the leading manufacturer in the field of fire trucks and pumps all over the world. Since in founding at Izmir-Turkey in 1974, Volkan has been providing rational solutions in combination with the concept of quality and implicit wish to satisfy our customers above all supplying the adaptations of the most advanced and the latest technology to the process of manufacturing and following the innovations. VOLKAN produces firefighting & rescue vehicles and components in 150.000 sqm land which has 40.000 sqm production facilities. For more information you can check our website: www.volkan.com.tr.


WRT is a leading professional manufacturer of Video intercom system and Smart home system since 1994, located in Shenzhen, China. With over 30,000 square meters production base, and 70 engineers to provide you a strong, high-quality and professional solution. Clients from more than 20 countries have built business relations with WRT, which has established more than 50 branch offices of sales and services to provide innovative technology and solutions to over 7000 projects from big real estate dealers in China. Our aim is to develop to be a company with social respect, client respect and employee respect enterprise.


Found in 1999, Yun Yang Fire Safety Equipment Co. Ltd is the biggest marketing leader of Fire Alarm and PA system manufacturer in Taiwan.TYY business expands to Southeast Asian, Australia, Middle East, Africa and worldwide.With its vision to be innovative, TYY is committed to deliver high quality and effective fire alarm control panel, and the integrated voice evacuation system to all our customers. TYY also has a very strong R&D team to enhance our products to fulfill customer's requirement and the marketing needs.Where is TYY, There is Safety, TYY is your best choice to protect your safety.


We are the factory who produce fire protection products like hose valves, ball valves, gate valves, adaptors, wrench ,caps etc…. we have UL, FM, AB1953 ,UPC approval, we would like to do OEM with all companies from the world.