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The following companies will have dedicated technicians on hand to demonstrate the latest products and to answer all your burning questions.

Show Me How

Advancis Software & Services GmbHv - Stand No: IF2414

Stand No: IF2414


WinGuard from Advancis is the latest generation of open architecture command & control platforms used to integrate security, building automation, IT and communication systems. Most essentially WinGuard provides operators with an instant picture of full situational analysis for decision making, command and control of all systems as well as dynamic and interactive handling procedures for live security incidents via the control room and in the field for mobile security agents.

The latest version WinGuard X4 offers numerous innovations as well as increased performance, stability and security to meet the rapidly increasing demands on modern control centres. Given the recent global focus on network and device security, WinGuard is one of the most highly protected systems of its kind in the market.

Anixter - Stand No: IF930


Copper Cabling Best Practices

This hands-on session will take you through the current best practices of copper cable installations, including proper termination techniques, compliance requirements and more.

Are you CPR-Compliant?

The grace period for EU CPR compliance expired two years ago. Are you and your company CPR-Compliant? Find out what you need to know in this fast-paced, swot-up session.

UPS: Security System Resilience

Attendees will learn how to deploy a UPS, understand the relationship between battery size vs run time, how to test, measure and monitor power consumption, identify power drain causes and more. All key to minimising security system downtime.

AxxonSoft UK Ltd - Stand No: IF720

Stand No: IF720

Axxon Intellect Enterprise PSIM

Axxon Intellect Enterprise is the best choice for managing hundreds or thousands of cameras in a custom-built security system, or when you need CCTV integrated with access control, perimeter protection, fire and security alarms, and sophisticated functionalities such as facial recognition, ANPR, road traffic monitoring, and bundled POS or ATM monitoring systems.

BriefCam Ltd. - Stand No: IF3246


BriefCam Video Content Analytics 

BriefCam provides Video Content Analytics technology that enables organizations to transform video into searchable, quantifiable and actionable intelligence for accelerating investigations, deriving operational insights and attaining situational awareness.

BriefCam Video Analytics Platform

BriefCam’s complete Video Content Analytics platform drives exponential value from surveillance system investments by making video searchable, actionable and quantifiable. BriefCam’s unique fusion of computer vision and deep learning technologies, together with its patented Video Synopsis® application, enables video investigators to review hours of video in just minutes and rapidly pinpoint people and objects of interest.

Innovative & Extensible Platform: A robust portfolio of critical video analytics capabilities fully integrated for a “better together” paradigm.

Unmatched Accuracy: Leverage market leading accuracy for detection, classification and recognition across object classes, attributes, behaviors, and faces.
Superior Performance: Effectively supports the requirement for both on-demand and real-time analytics for full camera coverage.

Flexible Architectures: Designed to meet the business needs of today and tomorrow.

Ease of Use: Quickest time to value and lowest total cost of ownership drives productivity, accelerates time to target and gains the competitive edge.

BT Redcare -  Stand No: IF3020

BT Redcare

Next Generation Portfolio

The Next Generation portfolio not only provides faster and smarter ways to protect homes and businesses, but is future proofed for the move to all IP in 2025.

Essential - With Essential, you get simple, affordable, wireless alarm signalling. It comes with a SIM card that switches between the main UK mobile networks, so you always get the best connection. And it's monitored by experts that keep an eye on your property day and night. All year round.

Advanced & Advanced Extra- Advanced and Advanced Extra give you home and business alarm signalling that can change with your needs. They come with two signalling paths for twice the reassurance. And it's monitored by experts that keep an eye on your property day and night. So if something triggers your alarm they'll know about it. Fast. Advanced Extra comes with even faster reporting times. That means if there's a fault with the connection, experts will know about it in just 180 seconds.

Ultimate - With Ultimate, you'll get our best alarm signalling system yet – for every level of risk. It uses a private IP connection and two 4G SIMs to make sure your signal is never compromised. There's battery backup in the alarm panel to keep things running, even in a power cut. And if that's not enough, enhanced monitoring means experts will know about any problems with your connection in just 90 seconds.

Sightcall App

Our new app puts our experts on-site,  even when they’re miles away.

How it helps:

It cuts fix times and support costs.

It often avoids the need for a second visit.

It improves customer experience and satisfaction.

How it works:

Show us what’s happening live using your smartphone’s camera.

We’ll stick around until we solve the problem.

It’s completely secure and easy to use.

CheckMySystems Ltd. - Stand No: IF1077



CheckMyCCTV™ is an automated maintenance checking solution to ensure that your CCTV installations are working and fit for purpose.

CSL - Stand No: IF1720

CSL	IF1720

GradeShift Pro

Wireless alarm signalling 

CSL Router

Dual roaming SIM connectivity 

DAVANTIS - Stand No: IF1337


Daview S/ LR 

DAVIEW LR is the ideal solution to cover large sites and the permiters of critical infrastructures with specific, highly-advanced detection functions.


Great products


Products for alarm monitoring stations

dormakaba (Kaba Ltd) - Stand No: IF446



The dormakaba exivo electronic access control solution is one of the latest additions to the electronic access and data portfolio. No server, additional computer or software are required on site. We developed exivo especially for companies that need an access solution , but don’t want to waste time on managing it.
No matter what your security motivation is and what an access solution needs you have – with exivo one thing is sure: it will all be easy and convenient. Critical doors are secured and monitored by electronic and wireless locking components in proven dormakaba quality. Complete control over access media ensures maximum security and flexibility. Access rights can be changed or cancelled for individual employees at any time. All other doors are secured as usual with keys and mechanical locking systems, which can also be managed over exivo system.


dormakaba’s enhanced padlock offering has become stronger than ever before with the approval of LPCB (Loss Prevention Council Board) for our CEN rated padlocks. The P6062, P8065 & P8093 are now certified to LPS 1654: Issue 1. LPS 1654: Issue 1 includes the highest level of attack testing for padlocks to ensure the products that achieve the accreditation offer maximum protection within the UK’s critical national infrastructure sectors. A selection of these padlocks are also to feature as part of the LPCB attack test zone for the duration of the exhibition to further enhance our credentials as a provider of high security products. 

DVS Ltd - Stand No: IF1320


DVS Demo Van

Mobile CCTV Unit

Expresso by Pulse Business Software - Stand No: IF2846



Expresso is Software for Security Systems Installers.

It’s simple to use and affordable.

It includes
•    Quote
•    Job tracking
•    Invoice
•    Scheduler
•    Spares stock
•    Contract management 
It even includes a Customer Service Web Portal, so your customers can interact with you seamlessly.

Fidelity ADT - Stand No: IF1151


Sigfox Alarm communicator

An alarm communicator that communicates Contact ID via the Sigfox platform

Hanwha Techwin Europe - Stand No: IF1310


Wisenet WAVE

An intuitive ‘drag & drop’ tool makes it extremely easy for operators to set up a display of live and recorded images on a single screen or video wall, with customisable layouts and sizes.


Wisenet SSM is a video management software that provides features for surveillance operation such as live monitoring, video recording and playback and event based monitoring.

Wisenet 5

Wisenet 5 is Hanwha’s most powerful chipset ever incorporated into a full camera range with an all-new architecture that enables faster processing. This self-developed chip incorporates advanced features and delivers extreme performance suited to a wide range of video surveillance applications. Explore our Wisenet X series cameras featuring Wisenet 5, to experience the difference.

Hikvision - Stand No: IF1530


Video Surveillance 

Largest manufacturer in the world 

Artificial Intelligence 

Deep Learning Technology 


Central hub for all cameras and AI 





Access Control


Physical Security 

Road Blocker

ICARVISIONS (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. - Stand No: IF1250


Mobile DVR

DVR used for vehicle and fleet. 


Inner Range - Stand No: IF1030

Inner Range	IF1030


Setting up camera integration


Setting up User Qualification for certificate expiry / credits

IDEMIA - Stand No: IF3130

IDEMIA - Stand No: IF3130

MorphoWave Compact by IDEMIA
MorphoWave Compact is the latest addition to IDEMIA’s range of readers for frictionless biometric access control. This masterpiece of engineering delivers the award-winning, field-proven performance of MorphoWave contactless 3D fingerprint technology in a stylish and compact wall-mounted device, suitable for any location.

Augmented Vision
Augmented Vision supports security officers in identifying and tracking persons of interest in real-time.
The application builds on IDEMIA’s long-standing expertise in deep learning and biometrics for video and image analysis. Augmented Vision searches live video feeds from standard CCTV cameras located in public or private areas, directly sending an alert if a person of interest is detected.
Additionally, if the person of interest tries to enter an unauthorized area, the security system can automatically refuse access. The alert functionalities will also significantly reduce time needed for video and image analysis during post-event investigations.
Identifying a number of people can also be used to enable rather than prohibit access, for example by allowing employees enter their office building or certain secure areas.
Augmented Vision supports our clients to keep the people they are responsible for safe.

IDIS Europe Limited - Stand No: IF1110

IDIS Europe Limited - Stand No: IF1110

IDIS Retail Solution

From high-performance and hard-wearing compact cameras and recorders, a range of 360-vision fisheyes, covert/pinhole cameras and totally cost free video management software (VMS) through simple to use and install analytics either on the edge or via our VA in the Box appliance that comes with heat mapping, people counting, queue management and reporting means IDIS has a video solution to meet any type of retail environment. 

IDIS Super Fisheye Cameras

An award-winning range of 12MP and 5MP panoramic cameras that feature industry-leading and silky, smooth dewarping with 6 types of dynamic views onboard the camera, via the NVR as well as on client software and the IDIS Mobile app. The ability to pan, tilt, zoom at different speeds and directions in real-time and retrospectively delivers exceptional situational awareness and makes them the ‘secret weapon’ for post-incident investigation.  The line-up offers a choice of features suited to any environment including IR, WDR, edge analytics include heat mapping, loitering detection and trip zones, two-way audio, failover and vandal resistance. 

IDIS 4K IR PTZ  31x Zoom Cameras

Winning two global awards for their design and usability, these cameras offer exceptional high-resolution monitoring capabilities for city centres, car parks, retail, stadia, public spaces, critical infrastructure and other large outdoor locations.  With smart auto-tracking, IR up to 200m, true WDR, a lens-wiper and auto-repositioning means you’ll never miss a thing. And by utilising IDIS Intelligent Codec compression technology they won’t take up bandwidth or storage either. 

KBC Network - Stand No: IF300


ThruLink™ Industrial Hardware VPN

ThruLink - Secure transmission over public networks

ThruLink allows secure, real-time, video, voice and data to be transmitted over public networks such as the Internet or 3G/4G/LTE enabling users to take full advantage of public infrastructure, whilst protecting their data. It’s ideal for security and surveillance systems, ITS, patrol vehicles, ATM connectivity, remote data applications - in fact, any system that needs secure connectivity for video, voice or data from a fixed or mobile location.

ThruLink supports point-to-point and mesh configurations. Its user-selectable cyphers include AES, Blowfish & Camellia up to 256bit and it provides secure authentication via a unique, two-way process.

ThruLink requires no specialist IP expertise to setup and manage, and there are no software licences to buy. The devices are self-healing, so maintenance is minimal. If there’s a network outage, ThruLink will poll the connection until it’s re-established and then re-build the link automatically. It also has failover enabling it to re-route traffic to an alternative path if required.

eCopper Long Range EOC or UTP

KBC eCopper™ Makes Upgrading Analog to IP Simple and Cost-effective

EoC/EoU Transmission that Utilizes Existing Infrastructure.

This simple and innovative product family offers a cost-effective way to connect the latest in IP cameras using existing coax or copper wiring to a remote monitoring station. Through the copper infrastructure, eCopper™ powers both its transmitter and remote cameras, eliminating the need for any additional power source at the camera site. eCopper™ also provides Power over Coax (PoC) management, giving system operators the ability to remotely turn each port’s power on and off from the central monitoring location. This PoC feature is a plug-and-play solution with a user-friendly GUI, offering easy set-up and system maintenance.

The eCopper™ product line offers a single-channel transmitter and single, 4, 8 and 16-channel receivers, available for both EoC and EoU transmission. The single-channel transmitter and receiver can be wall mounted while the 4-channel offers a wall or DIN rail mount and the 8 and 16-channel receivers come as a 1U-high rack mount.

KBC Mobile Surveillance System

KBC Mobile Surveillance Systems (MSS) are custom-built solutions for temporary site monitoring for applications that require video, audio and data security.  MS Systems are compact, rugged, self-contained and easy to deploy and set up.  Each MSS unit consists of a base unit with on-board solar panel(s), charge controller and batteries (purchased separately) along with power and network connections for NVR, camera(s) and sensors. A removable quick-connect pod provides a mounting platform for camera(s) and wireless systems.  A removable electronics tray offers easy access to the charge controller and other selected electronics.

MSS units are a force multiplier for management, security, medical, law enforcement or event personnel by providing the ability to monitor an area more efficiently and effectively.  The systems are most effective when used in groups as they are easily linked together in perimeter, star and linear configurations.  Due to their physical size and maneuverability, MSS units provide a platform that can be deployed in smaller places quickly and be less conspicuous than other solutions that offer similar functionality.  Mast elevation to 14 feet provides the ability to see above crowds but still see faces.  MSS units are designed to operate in a variety of weather environments and include multiple security features.

Mobile Surveillance Systems are fully compatible with KBC Industrial Transmission products including WES3 and ThruLink™.

Klevio - Stand No: IF1152

Klevio One

Klevio One is a smart intercom device that allows you to unlock multiple doors, speak to people remotely from your smartphone and share digital keys with other people. It is the ideal smart access solution for buildings that cater for offices, residential management, and short term lets.

Klevio works with flats and apartments, as it can be used to unlock both communal and private doors, and with no need to modify communal areas.

Using your own personal dashboard or smartphone app, you can fully control who has access and even keep tabs on when they enter.

Lorenz Technology Aps - Stand No: IF1154


Drone for security

Lorenz Technology is one of the leading companies within intelligent drone software and specializes in taking control of off-the-shelf drones through a patent-pending embedded platform. We provide a cloud platform and a user-friendly interface through a web-based platform to operate at multiple locations and manage several drone applications within security and inspection. 

Maxxess Systems - Stand No: IF2120


Maxxess eFusion

The eFusion demonstration will show you how to make integration easy. Everything from CCTV, fire, and access control, through to visitor and key management systems, can be seamlessly brought under eFusion’s single operating umbrella. Learn how eFusion makes it easy to integrate more than 60 of the most widely-used security, safety and building control devices and systems.

Maxxess VisitorPoint

With this demonstration of the VisitorPoint solution, Maxxess will show how you can easily set up streamlined functions for more efficient management of visitors and people on any site.  Step-by-step tools will remove pressure from busy front-desk reception teams by allowing visitors to be pre-registered; guest sign-in to be completed within seconds, even for large groups; meeting rooms to be booked and managed; car parking to be controlled; and notifications/alerts to be automated. This demo will also show how integration with Outlook and Google calendars makes VisitorPoint ideal for corporate as well as hospitality sector users, improving efficiency of operations both front-of-house and back-of-house.

Maxxess InSite

Maxxess will demonstrate how its cloud-based InSite service can now be used to link together a wide range of industry-standard systems, allowing them to be assessed, controlled and acted upon centrally. This demo session will show how InSite’s open-architecture will allow it to link-together all third party technologies -  including critical security systems, building management, fire and safety systems,  safety and panic applications, plus front/back of house operations including visitor management – delivering  efficient, real time control of single and multiple sites.


National Security Inspectorate (NSI) - Stand No: IF2940


Tuesday 18 June

10:45 – 11:15: Latest Updates to the SIA ACS Self-Assessment Workbook - Margaret Durr, Head of Field Operations (Services)
11.30 - 12.00 – PD 6662:2017, Ready Reckoner and NCP 104 Issue 3 – Ask the Expert session with Robert Conlon, Head of Standards and Matthew Holliday, Technical Manager
12:15 – 12:45: NSI/BAFE SP206 Kitchen Fire Protection Systems Scheme: An Overview - John Davidson, Head of Field Operations (Systems)
14.30 – 14.50 – Cyber Security Awareness on Installed Security Systems – Ask the Expert session with Matthew Holliday, Technical Manager
15:00 – 15:30: Independent Certification Raising Fire Safety Standards In The UK - John Davidson, Head of Field Operations (Systems)

Wednesday 19 June

11.30 - 12.00 – PD 6662:2017, Ready Reckoner and NCP 104 Issue 3 – Ask the Expert session with Robert Conlon, Head of Standards and Matthew Holliday, Technical Manager
12:15 – 12:45: NSI/BAFE SP206 Kitchen Fire Protection Systems Scheme: An Overview - John Davidson, Head of Field Operations (Systems)
14.30 – 14.50 – Cyber Security Awareness on Installed Security Systems – Ask the Expert session with Matthew Holliday, Technical Manager
15:00 – 15:30: Independent Certification Raising Fire Safety Standards In The UK - John Davidson, Head of Field Operations (Systems)

Octopus systems - Stand No: IF3237


PSIM Control and Command

The OCTOPUS PSIM Command & Control Center takes the guesswork out of your security management by unifying your disparate security devices and information systems into one converged platform.

As the only fully Cloud-based PSIM available on the market, the OCTOPUS PSIM Command & Control Center is a complete solution for security, safety and operation centers, offering a unified common operational picture (COP) either on a multiple screen layout or on a laptop or tablet with an internet connection

Crisis management

We here at OCTOPUS know that in an emergency situation, mere seconds can make a world of difference in response time. OCTOPUS Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD) makes it easy to keep track of security personnel in the field, communicate to them individually or as a group, and quickly dispatch them in an emergency.

Visitor management

The OCTOPUS Visitor, Supplier & Temporary Employee Management System offers a comprehensive, intuitive and streamlined visitor enrollment process and user experience for both your organization and the visitor himself, while removing the need for any special dedicated hardware and paperwork.

Octopus Systems - Stand No: IF3238


PSIM Command and Control Platform

Octopus award winning new platform is a one-stop-shop solution for integrated security, emergency response, and situational awareness for Enterprise Security and HLS. The system has open architecture integrations engine which allows organizations to control and monitor numerous sub-systems and disparate silos from one pane of glass. The solution has more than 35 modules to manage the entire security landscape, and includes a robust smartphone application, enabling the organization to connect with all of their security and response staff.

The solution is installed within a GSOC and is used by customers from the industries of critical infrastructure such as power, oil and gas, airport-seaport, enterprises and corporates, banks and financial institutions, security companies, safe cities, police, government and military.

Mobile distress system

The Octopus mobile distress application allows you to send the panic alarm to a response center. The response center can pinpoint the exact location of your personnel in the field straight from the Command Center, making it easy to dispatch those closest to an incident. The application supports two-way communication between mobile users and the Command Center, and mobile users can report incidents from the field, including images and live streaming video from their mobile devices.

 The mobile system improves security efficiency with monitored patrols, making scheduling and tracking of security patrols easier, both by vehicle and by foot. Security personnel can easily report any issues at predefined patrol checkpoints, and the Command Center automatically notifies you of any anomalies in a guard's patrol, such as deviation from the predefined route or unexplained stops.

Visitors Management system​

The Octopus Visitor, Supplier & Temporary Employee Management System offers a comprehensive, intuitive and streamlined visitor enrollment process and user experience for both the inviting organization and the visitor while removing the need for any special dedicated hardware and paperwork. The system can allow you to background check visitors before they even arrive at your gates.

 Visitor Management System offers benefits to organizations in various vertical markets, from critical infrastructure, government facilities, and transportation to manufacturers, schools and universities, corporate offices, banks, hospitals and more.

The system leverages existing mobile phone infrastructure, saving money and allowing easy access by authorized employees, management, and security personnel. The system integrates with your existing hardware, communicates with security and reception staff, and manages visitors across multiple locations from one system.

Ogier Electronics Limited - Stand No: IF1620



Ground based radar for target identification using PTZ camera and intuitive software with live view


Microwave fence with a range of 500m


Perimeter Radar, detects targes slews cameras and alarms in to VMS or Alarm Monitoring Arc's


Fully integrated all-in-one radar and camera solution


Fence line intelligent radar.

oVio Technologies, Inc - Stand No: IF236



oVio360’s patented technology offers a complete biometric identification and imaging platform with 2D, 3D, Video, and Voice data providing high-resolution, perfectly centered images, in either 2D (video and stills) or 3D (with full biometric measurements).  The images, which can be viewed individually or in a side by side comparison, significantly improve the accuracy and performance of imaging-centric computer vision technologies such as facial recognition and integrate with morphology software.


Proxyclick - Stand No: IF2321


Proxyclick visitor management app

Proxyclick is a web-based software company that manages your office visitors. Proxyclick has managed close to 10 million visits in more than 50 countries and counts among its users 26 Fortune 500 companies. Some of its most well-known clients include Airbnb, L'Oréal, Danone, Bosch, BASF, Audi, Acer and PepsiCo. Proxyclick accompanies corporations in their front desk digitization quests, taking into account three key concerns of both companies and individuals: visitor experience, building security and data privacy.

The next generation visitor management ipad app integrates with a plethora of smart security technologies (Integrated Visitor Experience) to enable organisations to deliver the white-glove treatment to visitors, making every visit to their building or premises memorable for the right reasons while keeping the building safe.

Long queues in reception, repeated requests for ID and security escorts through entry barriers can be jarring experiences and ones that the in the future, IVE could negate for the 99 percent of ‘good people’ out there. While airports, schools, public spaces and corporate premises (to name but a few) must continue to conduct high security checks, it is the aspiration for IVE that this logic will be reversed; whereby the combination of smart technologies and human expertise can deliver an ‘all gates open’ approach for validated visitors, whilst automatically blocking that one percent of ‘bad guys’.

“The Integrated Visitor Experience is one big step towards the industry’s futuristic "all gates open" approach to managing visitors, utilizing rich data and automation to welcome the ‘good guys’ in and keep the ‘bad guys’ out.” - Gregory Blondeau, Founder, Proxyclick

Proxyclick Marketplace

Rather like the App Store, the platform hosts multiple integration possibilities in a central location, enabling organisations to integrate both new, and legacy solutions, with their Visitor Management System, creating their own personal VIP experience for visitors. Dependent on in-house capabilities, organisations can implement the personalised suite themselves, or work with Proxyclick’s integration, security or hospitality partners.

We believe it is time to go beyond visitor Check-In. From Access Control to Wi-Fi, discover how we can build your Integrated Visitor Experience together.

Integrations - Discover our different integrations and build the ultimate custom solution for your nee

Partners - Our trusted partners will help you get the best out of Proxyclick for your business

Build - Any integration missing? Our powerful API’s and webhooks will help you build it

SALTO Systems - Stand No: IF2810

SALTO Systems	IF2810


It provides a range of benefits to users by removing the need to go to specific doors or locations to update cards. Users can update access rights anytime and anywhere as any wireless door can be activated as an SVN-Flex updater.


With the new SALTO KS Mobile keys and any SALTO BLE lock, SALTO KS users can select a floating button in the app and just tap their smart phone on the lock to securely open a door. 

SALTO NEO Cylinder

The SALTO NEO Cylinder is one of the few; if not the only, electronic cylinder to be BLE enabled which makes it compatible with both with iOS and Android mobile phones. 

Secure Logiq Ltd - Stand No: IF724

Secure Logiq Ltd	IF724

Logiqal Healthcheck Pro

Logiqal Healthcheck Pro brings to the professional security installer a complete suite of management tools to ensure, at a glance, their global customer CCTV estates are secure, optimised and fully operational at all times. Visual confirmation utilising a simple to understand traffic light system confirms the operational status of every customer site, either as icons or displayed live on a map and allows the security network and server hardware to be monitored from a single screen.

Utilising the latest web based frameworks the information and alerts are delivered in a cross platform, high speed and light weight fashion allowing engineers to check any issues on site ‘on the go’ on their mobile devices. Now integrators can offer a level of pre-emptive maintenance and support not seen before in the industry.

Siklu Communication - Stand No: IF3328


EtherHaul™ 8010FX  

The 8010  was launched  already last year with many installation so far and quickly   poisoned itself as the leading MM-wave  product for 10Gbps  product.The 8010  bring flexibility and future proof capacity upgrade, starting at 2Gbps and allows you to grow to 10Gbps. AES security Proved performance with hundreds of installations worldwide.

MultiHaul™ cTU 

cTU, the new  Terminal unit  was just launched worldwide and it is now  presented in IFSEC for first time.The world smallest  1Gbps terminal unit .The cTU  bring patented self-alignment Terminal unit at the un congested spectrum of the  60Ghz, with easy installation and reliable 1Gbps for  backhaul of 5G , wisp or any other connectivity requirement.


The world’s bestselling Point-to-Point EtherHaul™ 600 series delivers up to 1 Gbps in a form factor that is small enough and rugged enough to be deployed on every street on poles and light fixtures. With the EH-614TX operating in the upper 60GHz band ranges can be extended up to 50% further than comparable lower 60Ghz products.

ST Engineering - Stand No: IF2920



Proven common platform and an integrated solution that enables operation centres to function effectively with a complete and comprehensive dashboard visualisation and common situation picture within the estate.


Cost-effective and state-of-the-art area surveillance and intrusion detection technology that has won several international awards and endorsement for protecting the security of critical infrastructures across different applications – location, terrain, risk, structure and standards.

Identity Management System

One of SecureNet's suite of products and solutions, the Next Generation Automated Identity Verification System (IDVS) utilizes proven bio-metrics technologies in facial, iris and fingerprint recognition to grant authorized access.

Taiwan Safety and Security Industry Association - Stand No: IF2632


Micron's edge storage solution 

Edge storage-based solutions are an excellent, low TCO choice for SMB use cases. For your next security project, consider implementing an edge storage solution with Micron’s surveillance-grade edge storage solutions.

(This section will be presented by Technical Manager of Micron (Europe/USA))

Cyber Security Testing Service

Taiwan IoT Cyber Security Standards have regulated all basic requirements on networking IP surveillance devices in Part I (TAICS TS0014-1 v1.0). Those requirements specially applying to IP cameras are described in Part II (TAICS TS0014-1 v2.0). And, the requirements for DVRs and NVRs have just been announced at the end of March 2019.

TSSIA (Taiwan Safety and Security Industry Association) has been assigned by the IDB (Industry Develop Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs)in joint-orce with ETC to help Taiwan-based IP surveillance manufacturers to improve and enhance their IP cameras, NVRs and DVRs with the consultation and testing services from the TAF-certified testing Labs--ETC.

(This section will be presented by specialist of ETC testing Center)

Telescopic Mast - Stand No: IF1235


Mobile Security Box

The Mobile Security Box is fully constructed using galvanised steel which makes it vandalism proof. The MSB6 has two access doors and a vandalism proof top cover to ensure the electronic equipment is protected. It is equipped with a manual winch to raise the camera and floodlight mounting to a height of 6 metres.

The top and sides of the box can be mounted with CCTV systems, solar panels or other equipment of any choice and brand.

Traka - Stand No: IF105


Intelligent Key Management Systems

Traka's intelligent key management solutions secure, manage and audit the use of every key. Traka ensures that only authorised staff are allowed access to the custom key cabinets and only then, to designated keys. The high-security key management system provides a full audit trail of who removed the key, when it was taken and when it was returned keeping your staff accountable at all times. Our key control systems can either work as standalone systems requiring no network capabilities or it can be networked and administered using our TrakaWEB software. The electronic key cabinets come in 4 sizes and can hold up to 720 keys.

Intelligent Locker Systems

Traka's intelligent locker solutions safeguard your equipment with our secure storage, RFID detection and charging facilities. Traka provides a very effective way to control access to, and traceability of, equipment usage. At the same time Traka systems encourage significantly higher levels of user accountability and hence responsibility which often results in less damage, fewer losses and reduced operating costs for your business. Traka intelligent lockers are modular and scalable to meet all of your requirements, and can be used to manage a wide variety of equipment including tablets, laptops, mobile devices, body worn cameras, scanners, and much more.


TrakaWEB is the latest generation of administration software improving functionality and maintaining Traka’s technological leadership. The main benefits of TrakaWEB include ease of deployment, a modern graphical user interface, allowing for remote administration and being more scalable than ever before.

Vaion - Stand No: IF844


Vaion vcore

Agile, scalable, secure, and easy to use, Vaion vcore is a video management solution equipped with integrated machine learning capabilities that allow you to stay proactive, detect threats as they happen, and perform accurate and fast investigations.

Vaion vcam

Covering a wide majority of security scenarios, vcam Dome and vcam Pano are fit for any deployment. With embedded privacy-proof audio analytics, you get immediate sound alerts in case of abnormal activities. Get automatic firmware upgrades and advanced cybersecurity features. 

Vanderbilt - Stand No: IF1520


ACT Enterprise

ACT Enterprise is Vanderbilt’s access control software solution. Its features include integration with Vanderbilt’s award-winning SPC intrusion system, a rules mapping engine, and a smartphone app. PoE Ultra controllers, the latest addition to the ACT system, ensure support for all power requirements, including local door accessories and components like card readers, door locks and request to exit buttons. This is powered over the ethernet, meaning less cabling and more convenience.

SPC & Integration

SPC is Vanderbilt’s award-winning intrusion detection system. SPC protects businesses, properties, and assets for users who want an intrusion system that offers versatile operation and comprehensive alarm management functionality. Using cloud services, end-user apps, and a dedicated software suite, SPC is at the forefront of advanced intrusion detection. With communication in its DNA, SPC is designed to communicate with multiple systems simultaneously, creating a security ecosystem that is greater than the sum of its parts. Key to SPC’s success is its ability to integrate with multiple and varied partners to provide solutions to customers that range from the large PSIM, VMS solutions to BMS and home automation solutions. 

Transmissions Solutions

ComNet Fiber Optic Transmission equipment is designed and tested to the unique requirements demanded by the ITS and transportation market. All ITS and transportation-related communications networks require transmission equipment that will perform reliably over the lifetime of the installation and with the lowest possible life-cycle costs to the owner of the system. ComNet designs, builds, and tests this equipment to exceed the industry-accepted standards of NEMA TS-1 and TS-2, as well as the Caltrans Specification for Traffic Signal Control Equipment. All ComNet products are provided with our exclusive Lifetime Warranty.

Zenitel Norway AS - Stand No: IF2330


Intelligent communication devices

Setting up and configuring an Intelligent Communication system in less than 5 minutes.