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What is Borders & Infrastructure Expo?

Borders & Infrastructure Expo is an event within IFSEC International, directly focussing on products, solutions and learning for large-scale security issues such as border control, critical national infrastructure, law enforcement, transport and the protection of key strategic assets. This ‘show within a show’ brings together major purchasers, policy makers, and influencers in large scale security, from the UK and around the world.

What you will find inside Borders & Infrastructure

Discover solutions including;

  • Physical & Permiter
  • Command & Control
  • Scanning & Screening
  • IT / Communications
  • Barriers & Bollards
  • Gates & Shutters
  • Training



  • Transport Security Solutions
  • Border Control Technology
  • Emergency Response Solutions
  • CBRN Testing Equipment
  • Business Continuity
  • Cyber Security

Industries verticals include;

  • Government
  • Transport & Distribution
  • Utilities
  • Communications & Telecoms
  • Construction
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Emergency Services


Witness live attacks on the show floor

See UAVs take flight in the Drone Zone

It’s a hugely exciting time for IFSEC. Borders & Infrastructure is a significant addition to the overall offering and will provide a focused destination for end users and specifiers from key areas such transport, utilities, central and local government, events spaces, logistics and law enforcement to meet with manufacturers and solutions providers. In view of the existing broad horizon of security products on offer at IFSEC, it has richly enhanced IFSEC’s position as the UK and Europe’s industry defining event in the security sector. Borders & Infrastructure has taken IFSEC to an even higher level of providing a deeply enriching and strategic security solutions for major customers.

Gerry Dunphy
Brand Director
IFSEC International & FIREX International

About Borders & Infrastructure Expo

The main driver behind the introduction of Borders & Infrastructure is a realisation that now a significant section of the visitors at IFSEC, represent major vertical sector end users, with specific interests, projects and requirements. These sectors include the safeguarding and protection of transport, utilities, national infrastructure, border and immigration control, central & local government and law enforcement. Areas which keep the country functioning and in constant need of state of the art security systems and protection measures, all managed with an unrelenting focus.  

The objective of IFSEC Borders & Infrastructure therefore, is to provide these visitors with an IFSEC destination of their own. They’re already visiting IFSEC on a regular basis and in significant numbers so a focused area within the show, will provide a far greater, relevant and rewarding experience to both visitors and exhibitors.


Whilst Borders & Infrastructure Expo will focus on large-scale security issues, IFSEC International will continue to provide the latest products, solutions and seminars addressing all other elements of the security industry, including; access control, intruder alarms, integrated security, video surveillance and much more. Providing you with the complete security offering from the outer perimeter of a building or asset through to the IT network within.

Why visit Borders & Infrastructure Expo?

With the estimated annual growth rate of the global physical security market projected at 9.98% each year by 2020, the budget allocation for implementing security systems is bigger than ever. Coupled with increasing incidence of terrorists attacks, governments have increased budget allocation for implementing physical security systems and solutions in order to ensure security of their premises, assets, and people.


Network with senior security professionals from all of these organisations, and thousands more

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