Surveillance Technology

Showcase and source the latest surveillance technology at IFSEC​

With the global video surveillance market valued at $28,184 million in 2017 and projected to rise to $87,361.8 million by 2025, surveillance technology is on the rise. A top area of interest for the tens of thousands of visitors to IFSEC, IFSEC 2020 will host to the biggest video surveillance and CCTV suppliers from across the globe.

Which video surveillance products will you see at IFSEC?​

  • IP Cameras​
  • 4K Cameras​
  • 7K Cameras​
  • Video Detection​
  • Video Control Centre Equipment​
  • Video Analytics​
  • Drones​
  • Video Servers​
  • Cloud Storage​
  • Facial Recognition​
  • Infrared cameras​
  • 360 Cameras​
  • Rugged Dome Cameras​
  • Body-worn Cameras​
  • Residential video solutions​
  • Night Vision Cameras​
  • Bullet camera​
  • PTZ camera​
  • C-mount camera​
Video surveillance tech at IFSEC

Surveillance technology suppliers at IFSEC 2020 so far include:​

Video surveillance exhibitors at IFSEC 2020 so far

Who visits IFSEC for surveillance technology?

Industry of the attendees

Industry of attendees interested in surveillance

Job role of the attendee

Job role of attendees interested in surveillance

Purchasing power of attendees

Purchasing power of attendees interested in surveillance technology

Businesses must learn to adapt to the new regulations and understand the penalties – fines up to €20m or 4% of turnover (whichever is greater) – they may face if they don’t.

Peter Houlis, Managing Director, 2020 Vision Systems

Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Protection at IFSEC

Intruder Detection

Intruder detection at IFSEC

Access Control

Access control at IFSEC

Security Convergence

Security Convergence at IFSEC

Cyber Security

Cyber Security at IFSEC