Smart Security at IFSEC International

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming an ever important element of various technology solutions for the home and commercial buildings. The ability to connect, communicate with, and remotely manage a vast number of networked, automated devices via the internet is now inescapable, from the factory floor to the hospital operating room to the residential basement.

Following on from 2016's hugely successful ‘Home Automation House’, a fully functioning smart home in the middle of the exhibition floor, there was an even more heightened focus on all things ‘smart’ for 2017 which is continuing to evolve for 2018. Smart technology will feature across all three days of the show, with the latest smart products on hand to test and trial throughout the exhibition as well as a dedicated smart seminar theatre, and training sessions running away from the show floor. IFSEC 2018 will not only cover home automation but also the wider IoT, including smart commercial buildings, smart offices, and connected security systems.


See Smart Technology In Action

IFSEC 2018 will give you the opportunity to get hands on with all of the latest smart products to hit the shelves, from smart underwear to fully connected security systems.

Test and trial the latest devices first hand, quiz manufacturers the ins and outs of their solutions, and get a behind the scenes preview of what they actually take to install, maintain, and work with on a daily basis.

2016 saw us build a smart building for the first time on the IFSEC show floor, with the Home Automation House. Following its success, IFSEC 2017 then expanded in to all things 'smart', from connected consumer devices all the way to large scale fully integrated building management solutions. As this cutting edge technology continues to evolve, as too will the smart offering for IFSEC 2018.

Watch the video for a tour of our Home Automation House from 2016.

The Smart Theatre

There’s no doubt that increasingly connected devices bring a new security risk to our homes, places of work, and our data. That’s why the Smart Zone’s designated seminar theatre, will give you the opportunity to learn from security experts as they discuss IoT best practice and assess worst case scenario case studies, as well as look ahead to future technology and emerging trends. The Smart Theatre is brought to you with our connectivity partner, CSL.

Smart Zone