Security Solutions at IFSEC International

Security solutions for you

The latest cutting-edge security solutions and security products are a big draw for a lot of security professionals who attend IFSEC. We procure the very best security solutions and security products available, covering perimeter protection, cyber-security, video surveillance, access control, integrated security and intruder detection.

Perimeter Protection

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Perimeter security solutions are the first line of defence and are crucial to your whole security solutions strategy.


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We understand security professionals need for cyber solutions to secure their assets; that's why we help drive security from a convergence perspective.

Video Surveillance

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Video surveillance represents the largest segment of security technology and is featured heavily at IFSEC International.

Access Control

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Encompassing aspects of IT and physical security, you'll find the latest access control solutions at IFSEC International.

Integrated Security

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IFSEC has transformed into an integrated security event, focusing on the integration between multiple security solutions and multiple locations.

Intruder detection

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Installed correctly for your home or business, a security alarm can be the best product for your security solution strategy.