The Event for Security Installers

As an installer and maintainer of security equipment, you've no doubt noticed that things are changing fast. If you want to get the latest security equipment in your hands and learn what it takes to install and maintain it.

IFSEC spoke to hundreds of security installers to understand how the event can better equip them for the future. They said:

  • "Keep on top of all this new security technology so we don't fall behind"
  • "To show me how to adapt to the industry and continue running a healthy business"
  • "To provide my customers with security products that I trust will keep them safe"
  • "To tentatively see if there might be new security products or areas we can expand into"
  • "I'm looking for new security product suppliers to do business with"
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IFSEC is developing around your concerns. At IFSEC International, you’ll discover how new the latest security solutions work. You’ll compare the real-world quality of these security solutions with demonstrations you can trust. 

Attractions for you in 2019

Show Me How

Show Me How

You spoke, we listened. You want to be shown how to install the latest kit, how to maintain it and how it works from start to finish. You want to be shown how new technological capabilities can offer you more revenue. This is the place to do it.


The Future of Security Theatre

The way the security industry is going, things are becoming more IT and IP-based. If that’s not your background, don’t worry – this is your trusted technical education to the new requirements around future security installations.


The SSAIB Lounge

The security industry is a small world. We know you love enjoying bumping into old industry mates. You can enjoy full access to the SSAIB ICEBAR, the perfect setting for a catch up over a drink.

engineers of tomorrow

Engineers of Tomorrow 2019

Back by popular demand! Support the next generation of security engineers, with exciting up-close video coverage of action-packed installation rounds. Telcam, SES Alarms and Banham triumphed in the heats on the IFSEC show floor last year – who will win the prize at IFSEC 2019?

Suppliers you might want to meet

For the full list of suppliers at IFSEC 2019 please click here