Physical & Perimeter Security

Perimeter solutions such as fencing and bollards is often the first line of defence for any physical location. The past year has seen a number of attacks carried out on our cities and assets that have only further highlighted the need for effective perimieter solutions. 

A fence is simply not a fence when it comes to the protection of critical assets. IFSEC 2018 will offer you the chance to discover what the latest products in perimeter protection are on offer, compare solutions and suppliers under one roof, hear about the latest trends and practices in the physical protection of cities and infrastructure, and witness products put to the test. 

Discover Perimeter Protection Solutions for all Applictions

  • GRP Fencing
  • Double and Profile Panel Fencing
  • Bollards
  • Retractable Posts
  • Road Barriers
  • Gates
  • Shutters
  • Covers

And much more.

Fencing and Perimeter Security at IFSEC

See Physical Security Products Put to the Test in the Attack Zone

Following its hugely successful launch at IFSEC 2017, the Attack Zone will be back larger and more prominent for 2018, showcasing real-life attack tests on physical and perimeter security products.

The BRE Global/LPCB Attack Testing Zone will host expert technicians from the LPCB demonstrating the robust testing they execute on perimeter fencing, security doors, shutters and covers. Non-approved products will be tested in the demonstrations against LPCB approved alternatives which have reached a minimum of LPS 1175 SR-3 levels of compliance so visitors will be able to see the effectiveness of these industry-defining products. Following the live attack demonstrations, you'll be able to speak directly to the manufactuers of the products you've just seen tested, at their adjacent stands. 

Meet Suppliers of Perimeter Protection Security Products

At IFSEC International 2018 you'll be able to speak face to face with hundreds of suppliers of physical and perimeter security products. You'll be able to touch and feel their range of products, and compare solutions for all suppliers under the one roof. 

And if you're really seeking some in-depth product information and want to ensure you get face time with your chosen perimeter suppliers and their specialist contacts, the IFSEC Meetings Service allows you to pre-book meetings before you arrive, so that you can make the most efficient use of your time at the show. 

Fencing and perimiter security products tested at IFSEC

"The concrete blocks so far installed (in London) have actually been found to be near to useless when tested by researchers in Germany."

Bobby Hamilton
European sales manager, Hesco

Educate yourself on emerging threats and perimeter protection best practice

The seminar and conference programme in the IFSEC International 2018 Keynote Arena will host a wide variety of sessions covering best-practice and future trends in physcial and perimeter security. Topics will cover safe cities, anti-terror, the protection of critical national infrastructure and much more.

You'll have the chance to put your questions to policy makers from government, anti-terror experts from policing and intelligence agencies, and hear first hand from end-users who have pioneered new solutions and physical security strategies in their own businesses. 

Perimeter solutions at IFSEC International

Procure Perimeter Solutions at Discounted Rates

If you're coming to IFSEC International with a view to find new physical and perimeter solutions, IFSEC's exclusive Discount Programme could save you thousands on your security budget. 

IFSEC works closely with it's 600+ exhibitors to formalise product discounts and unique offers, that are available exclusively for just 3 days on the IFSEC show floor. So if you're in the market for perimeter protection products such as fencing, and bollards, IFSEC 2018 will give you the opportunity to witness the technology being put to the test, meet face to face with suppliers, and make a deal at a price that wouldn't be available anywhere else, all under one roof across 3 days.

We're constantly adding more and more suppliers and solutions to the IFSEC Discount Programme. Full details of the solutions included will be available in the Spring.

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