Perimeter Security

What is perimeter security?

Working in conjunction with video surveillance, intruder detection and access control, security fencing, gates and bollards play a major part in forming a holistic security system. IFSEC 2020 is the security event where you will find the latest GRP fencing, security bollards, security covers and more. Expect to find even more perimeter protection suppliers and solutions on show in 2020 with the co-location of the Counter Terror Expo. ​

Which perimeter security solutions can you find at IFSEC?

You can find: ​

  • GRP fencing​
  • Security bollards​
  • Security covers​
  • Security fencing​
  • Security barriers​
  • Perimeter intruder detection system (PIDS)​
  • Anti-climb barriers​
  • Anti-climb paint​
  • Downpipe covers​

And much more​​​​

Perimeter security solutions at IFSEC

Find physical security products that meet your needs

Are you looking to source new physical perimeter protection products, but want to put them up to the test first?

See expert technicians from the LPCB demonstrating live attacks on perimeter fencing, security doors, shutters and covers. Non-approved products will be tested in demonstrations against LPCB-approved alternatives which have reached a minimum of LPS 1175 SR-3 levels of compliance, so you can see in person the effectiveness of these industry-defining products. Following the live attack demonstrations, you can speak directly to the manufacturers of the products you've seen tested at their adjacent stands. 

Perimeter protection suppliers at IFSEC 2020 so far include:​

Perimeter security exhibitors at IFSEC 2020

Who visits IFSEC for perimeter security?​

Industry of attendees

Industry of attendees interested in perimeter security

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Job role of attendees interested in perimeter security
Purchasing power of attendees interested in perimeter security

"The concrete blocks so far installed (in London) have actually been found to be near to useless when tested by researchers in Germany."

Bobby Hamilton
European sales manager, Hesco

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