Security Convergence

What is security convergence and why is it significant?​

IFSEC International has seen a significant shift in focus in recent years, moving from a physical security event to focus on the convergence of physical and cyber security, and the evolving integration between multiple security solutions and multiple locations. Smart security products were tested at IFSEC 2019, and we heard from security end-users pioneering the use of integrated security technology in our seminar theatres.​

“IFSEC has been transforming over the years. It is a must-attend show for any stakeholder in physical and converged security.​"

CTI/CISO, Virtually Informed​​

Which security convergence products will you see at IFSEC?​

With the Internet of Things (IoT) becoming an important element in companies technological solutions, IFSEC is committed to providing visitors with the security systems of tomorrow, helping you understand their strengths and flaws and how they will work in your security system. Smart, connected technology will be completely integrated throughout the entire event with a state-of-the-art demonstration area, Converged Security Centre powered by Vidsys, dedicated to showcasing Converged Security Information Management (CSIM) and how software, hardware and all forms of information media can be expertly used to gain a complete overview of a developing security situation. You can also head over to the co-located Intelligent Building Europe Show to experience the immersive smart office. ​


The converged security centre

During IFSEC 2019, the Converged Security Centre presented a wide range of simulated security scenarios. These related to situations such as transport, utilities, open spaces and infrastructure, and revealed how converged security systems can be aligned with supplementary information sources such as social media to provide end users with the whole developing picture.​

Converged security centre

Intelligent Building Europe

Making smart buildings simple: opening for the first time in 2020, Intelligent Building Europe gives you hands-on access to the most transformative smart buildings technology on the market. Connecting those who operate smart buildings with those who design them, at Intelligent Building Europe integrators, building services consultants and end-users will interact with an immersive smart office experience. Created in association with Master Systems Integrator Vanti, it’s a chance to see smart technology from command centres to access control as it functions on a daily basis, as well as your arena for meeting the leading suppliers behind connected server platforms, CCTV, sensor networks, building management systems and more.​

Converged security suppliers at IFSEC 2020 so far include:​

Security convergence exhibitors

Who attends IFSEC for integrated security?

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Industry of attendees interested in integrated security

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Job role of attendees interested in integrated security

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Purchasing power of attendees interested in integrated security

"I really enjoyed meeting many friends and colleagues at IFSEC. So many people now are realising the benefits of collaboration and cyber security. I am very pleased to see friendships forming across the divide and the technologies can help us become much faster in reducing security risks. IFSEC facilitates these wonderful opportunities so the people can meet and understand how the technologies work. We were delighted to see a large crowd at the Keynote Arena. Our panel with Frank Gardner was for me a highlight and a great honour. Then to see good numbers of visitors at our Converged Security Centre at all 8 talks was very encouraging for us and our guest speakers!"​

James Willison, Founder, Unified Security

Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Protection at IFSEC

Intruder Detection

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Cyber Security

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