Integrated Security

IFSEC International is transformed into an integrated security event for 2019, with a significant focus on the convergence of physical and cyber security, and the evolving integration between multiple security solutions and multiple locations. Smart security products were tested at IFSEC 2019, and we heard from security end-users pioneering the use of integrated security technology in our seminar theatres.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming an ever important element of various technology solutions for the home and commercial sites and buildings. The ability to connect, communicate with, and remotely manage a vast number of networked, automated devices via the internet is now inescapable, from the factory floor to the hospital operating room to the residential basement.

Continued evolution from IFSEC's Home Automation House and Smart Security Theatre, at IFSEC 2019 smart, connected technology was completely integrated throughout the entire event. If you want to discover what security systems of tomorrow look like, don't miss IFSEC 2020.


An evolution in to an integrated security event

2019 was the inaugural year of a transformation of IFSEC’s 40-year heritage as a physical security show into a high-level security summit and integrated security event.

When IFSEC was first conceived, the threats we faced were merely physical. Society has adapted and this is the year we must too.

The security profession must evolve to meet modern needs. IFSEC is gladly becoming the arena for the big discussions, however difficult they may be.

See Integrated Security Technology In Action

IFSEC 2019 gave you the opportunity to get hands-on with all of the latest integrated security solutions and smart security products, in the 'Show Me How' area. The Show Me How area featured hand-selected exhibitors, showcasing innovative, integrated solutions, showing you how these systems really work. What is it they do, and how do they do it? What does configuring these solutions take, and what's involved in maintaining them?

"The convergence of open communications protocols for building control assets and IT infrastructure is providing building owners, facility managers and building occupants with countless options at startlingly low prices."

The Smart Buildings Report 2017

Meet Suppliers of Integrated Security Solutions

Meet suppliers of cutting edge integrated security technology and the latest smart security innovations on the IFSEC show floor including; BRE Global, Exper Investigations Group, IRIS ID Systems, Prsym Software, Senstar Corporation, TSSIA, Zonith A/S and many more.

Test & trial solutions and quiz multiple suppliers on the ins and outs of their integrated security products. If you want to secure you meet the right technical contacts at your chosen suppliers, the IFSEC Meetings Service allows you to book meetings with exhibitor personnel ahead of time.

Integrated security seminars hosted by global innovators

The Keynote Arena will be the platform for education, best-practice and debate on integrated security and propel intercommunication between the security installer, integrator, end user and vendor. Hear first hand how security's innovators are pioneering the use of connected security technology in a series of case study seminars and Q&A sessions, and quiz global leaders on the emerging opportunities and threats greater security integration can bring.

In the Future of Security Training Theatre, security installers and integrators will have the chance to look behind the scenes of smart technology and discover what these new solutions take to install and maintain, what are their advantages and where are the pitfalls.

IFSEC International Keynote Security Arena
Integrated Security Exhibition

Exclusive discounts on integrated security solutions

If your objective for a visit to IFSEC 2020 is to invest in new integrated-security systems, or find a smart security supplier, the IFSEC Discount Programme allows you to do so at exclusive rates that aren't available outside of the show.

Working with its 600+ exhibitors, the IFSEC Discount Programme consists of product discounts and unique offers, that are available exclusively on the IFSEC show floor across the 3 days. A visit to IFSEC 2020 will give you the chance to get hands-on with integrated security products, see how they work, meet with chosen vendors, and procure solutions at exclusive pricing rates.

We're constantly adding more and more suppliers and solutions to the IFSEC Discount Programme. Full details of the solutions included will be available in the spring.

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