GB United Kingdom
Stand No: IF1650

Parking facilities manufacture & supply automatic barriers, automatic barrier systems, automatic bollards, automatic sliding gates, gate automation, cantilever gates, rising kerbs, turnstiles, speed gates, bi- folding speed gates, barriers, manual barriers.
We can guarantee excellent construction and delivery of all our products. In addition to this, we also offer a high quality and consistent customer support and service.
We use the best materials assuring you of our un-compromising commitment to quality, durability and reliability. Whatever your specific requirements are then please give our sales team a call to discuss how we can help you further.

BE Belgium
Stand No: IF632

Cloud-based enterprise software transforming the way people are welcomed in corporate offices around the world. Proxyclick helps your organization enhance each visitor experience while securing your premises and your data. Beyond making solid first impressions, Proxyclick connects the dots between safety and data privacy in a way that is only possible through integrating Visitor Management with the best apps on the market. This includes access control systems, identity verification through facial recognition, and global watch lists. From way finding apps and parking management to Wi-Fi code provisioning, our integrations list grows every day!