Welcome to the Exhibitor Zone

Thank you for choosing to exhibit at IFSEC International 2019! From now until the show in June, this page is your starting point for useful information and essential tasks to complete, which will ensure you make the most of your participation and investment.

Useful Quick Links

Technical Manual

Login to the IFSEC Technical Manual to access all the mandatory forms and safety information ahead of the show. You'll also find a full list of must-not-miss deadlines for between now and June, plus logistics information for organising on-site contractors and deliveries ahead of Day 1.

Your Directory Profile

The IFSEC Directory is where you update the information that will appear on the on-line and in-show exhibitor lists. Receiving over 80,000 monthly views ahead of the show, we'd suggest adding your logo and remaining up to date with case studies, press releases, product photos and videos.

Partner Portal Guide

The Partner Portal is where you'll find your unique URL link for inviting clients and prospects to IFSEC as your guest, allowing you to track your lead-gen in the build up to the show. The Partner Portal is also where you'll need to register your stand personnel for their exhibitor badges.

Generate leads and drive traffic to your stand

Promote your plans for the show before you arrive and drive leads
Invite prospects to meet with you face to face
Cross-sell & up-sell existing clients by inviting them to your stand
Compete to top the IFSEC Exhibitor Leaderboards

In your exhibitor marketing toolkit you'll find all the tools you need to promote your presence at IFSEC and ensure both prospects and existing clients can find you there. The toolkit includes; email and web banners, a personalisable email template, event logos, 7 top tips for lead-gen, PR and social media guide, and many more useful tools and top tips...

Mandatory Uniform

High-Vis Jackets and Boots are Mandatory for Build-up and Breakdown.

High-vis jackets or vests, and sturdy boots are mandatory for build-up and breakdown. This is to ensure that IFSEC International confirms with our health and safety legal obligations, this includes keeping you safe. If you need to purchase jackets or vests they can be ordered from here.

Stand height

Maximum stand height is 4 metres.

New regulations have been brought in for the protection of contracts and staff onsite during build-up and breakdown. A key part of this is the non-negotiable maximum stand height is set at 4 metres.  The only exception is double decker stands, where the maximum stand height is 6 metres.

Lead Generation

Make sure you prove your ROI: Visit Connect

The best way of capturing leads onsite is by using the Visitor Connect Scanning App. To arrange your lead generation app speak to your Account Manager. To find out more about how the apps and the Visitor Connect tool works, watch our quick video here or download the user guide.

Your month by month activity plan

January & February 2019

Email us details of what products and services you'll be showcasing and we'll ensure your company gets maximum pre-show visibility

Read about how you can maximise your time at the event; with marketing tips from Facetime event marketing specialists.

Update your profile on the IFSEC Directory with press releases, product images and case studies. Use your normal login.  

Promote your productspublish press releases and be searchable against 5 categories. 

Become a member of ifsecglobal.com and discuss the key topics in the industry with your target audience.

February to March

Login to your Technical Manual to update a number of required forms

Coming from abroad? Request visa assistance

Download your marketing toolkit to start promoting your presence at the show and generating leads

Set up your data capture apps for lead gen - Get your lead capture sorted before the show. View the user guide here.

Start tweeting us @IFSEC with what’s happening on your stand at the event and we'll help promote you

Upload all your company information to the Directory - use your normal login

April 2019 onwards...

Send out a personalised email to your database via the Marketing Toolkit.

Invite your clients to visit you at the event and track who has accepted your invitation in your Partner Portal.

Register your stand personnel and stand contractors for their show badges.

Final checks in the Technical Manual... have you ticked off every requirement for exhibiting?

Tweet us @IFSEC using #IFSEC2019 with what's happening on your stand and we'll retweet you!

Discover how IFSEC International can produce fantastic ROI


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IFSEC 2019 Preview, Event Guide and Map

The event preview, guide and map for IFSEC International 2019 will again be produced by Publishing Events. Find out more about how Publishing Events can help your business, as well as more information on this years' advertising opportunities.


Scanning & Customer Data onsite

We understand that following GDPR there is anxiety over hosting potential customer and client data.

Your ability to host and contact the data of those you scan onsite using the Scanners / Apps through UBM / N200 is covered by the below UBM badge statement, which all visitors must agree to on their registration form, and is repeated on their visitor badges. By being scanned by you, they are giving their act of consent – it is imperative, however, that your team do not floor-walk etc scanning visitors (this has long-since been banned, but occasionally some exhibitors have gone rogue!) and you are only scanning in areas that it is clear that the visitor is being scanned by you, the exhibitor, i.e. your exhibition stand or your sponsored area.

Badge policy that the data you scan has consented to

I understand that by choosing to allow my badge to be scanned by an exhibitor or sponsor, I am providing the exhibitor or sponsor with my personal data. I consent to this personal data being used by the exhibitor or sponsor for the purpose of contacting me in the future about their products or services. I also understand and agree that my personal data may be held and used by the organiser of this event - UBM (UK) Ltd, and any third party hosting provider acting on its behalf, in order to run the event and for analysing visitor traffic with a view to improving the event experience for visitors and others. I understand and agree that the organiser may transfer my personal data outside of the European Economic Area for these purposes and I consent to such transfer of my personal data