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Discover solutions for tackling cyber threat, and learn and educate yourself on cyber security best practice at IFSEC 2019.

As physical security systems and building management tools become increasingly connected and IoT enabled, the risk of cyber attacks only increases, and traditional security professionals need to turn to cyber solutions in order to effectively secure their physical assets.

The need for siloed physical and IT security professionals is dead. That's why IFSEC 2018 transformed from its position as the leading physical security event, to showcase innovation and drive security from a convergence perspective. IFSEC 2018 featured a dedicated cyber security zone on the show floor, featuring products, services and training providers around IT security, as well as an increased focus on the cyber security "must knows" for the traditional security professional in the Keynote Arena and seminar theatre.

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"Physical security specialists need to upskill and understand how to incorporate cyber threat to physical assets."

Mike Gillespie
Managing Director, Advent IM Security Consulting

Discover solutions and services to protect you from cyber attacks

  • Cyber security risk assessment
  • Cyber security training & workshops
  • Penetration testing
  • Data storage solutions
  • Threat intelligence
  • Open source intelligence
  • Red team services

Discover what emerging cyber threats could mean for your physical systems

IFSEC International Keynote Security Arena

The new Keynote Arena at IFSEC 2018 had a significant focus on convergence and the increasing crossover between the worlds of physical and IT security. You'll have the chance to hear from cyber experts, as well as the traditional security professionals who have innovated with IT protection. Whether you're a CEO or security manager, the IFSEC education programme will tailor it's cyber content to you, giving you the need to knows without all the jargon, and will leave you inspired to drive change in your own organisation.

The Tavcom Training Theatre also featured an increased focus on tackling cyber threat in 2018. Giving installers and integrators clear insight on how to best address cyber threat to integrated and internet enabled access control, video surveillance and smart building systems. 

Procure Cyber Security Technology and Services at Exclusive Rates

If you're looking for solutions or services to heighten your own IT security, the IFSEC Discount Programme will allow you to do so with significant savings.

Working in conjunction with all our 600+ exhibitors, the IFSEC Discount Programme will compile all discounts and offers available on the show floor. One visit to IFSEC will allow you to meet cyber related suppliers face to face and procure solutions at an exclusive in-show price, all under the one roof.

We're constantly adding more and more suppliers and solutions to the IFSEC Discount Programme. Full details of the solutions included will be available in the spring.

Cyber Security Exhibition

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