Tony Porter

the Surveillance Camera Commissioner for England and Wales
Surveillance Camera Commissioner for England and Wales

Tony Porter is the Surveillance Camera Commissioner for England and Wales. He has a combination of business and law enforcement expertise. He is an intelligence specialist (most recently within the financial sector) and retired senior police leader. His experience spans community and business engagement, international counter terrorism and serious and organised crime

Tony’s role as Surveillance Camera Commissioner is to:

- encourage compliance with the surveillance camera code of practice

- Review how the code is working

- Provide advice to ministers on whether or not the code needs amending

- Provide advice and information to the public and system operators about the effective, appropriate, proportionate and transparent use of surveillance camera systems

.The principle issue occupying his regulatory focus is the growing capabilities and appetite for use of increasingly intrusive technologies integrated with surveillance camera systems in society. He has been at the forefront of the debate on video surveillance systems and has devoted himself to ensuring that they are used transparently, securely and legitimately. His national surveillance camera strategy for England and Wales has succeeded in raising industry standards.


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