Matt Williams

Aerial Motion Pictures

A leading light within the international aviation community with deep seated roots within the unmanned training and operational delivery sectors.

Matt has built a number of successful businesses centered around the ever evolving unmanned aircraft space.

Prior to embarking upon his business journey, Matt was a military helicopter pilot and Instructor/Examiner with 1800+ hours TT in various types, both Single Pilot, Single Turbine and Multi-Crew, Multi Engine Turbine. 

He was a Qualified Helicopter Instructor in the Royal Air Force (CFI/CFII/TRI/TRE/IRI/IRE) instructing and examining on:
Puma Mk1(AS330)
Airbus Helicopters Puma Mk2(AS330/AS332L2 and EC225)
Airbus Helicopters Squirrel(AS350 B1/B2)
Bell 'Griffin'(412EP).

He is also a Aviation Human Factors Facilitator, Crew Resource Management Instructor and an experienced 'Bowtie XP' Risk Analysis and Mitigation Practitioner.