Andy Billings

Andy Billings
Head of Security and Contingency Planning (Southampton Port)
Associated British Ports

Andy left school at the age of 16 and joined the Royal Navy in 1986 as a Junior Naval Airman (Aircraft Handler) (2nd Class), performing duties as fireman and aircraft movement specialist.  After serving at various UK Air Stations and in HMS INVINCIBLE, Andy served as part of the United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR) during an operational land tour of Bosnia in 1993 serving with 845 (Commando) Naval Air Squadron.    In 1994 Andy transferred to the Regulating (Royal Navy Police (RNP)) Branch.  After training and working at a number of shore establishments, including a short operational tour in Northern Ireland, he served in HMS IRON DUKE, where in 1999 he was involved in operations with NATO (Kosovo) off the Adriatic coast.  Following promotion, he was assigned to Scotland before joining HMS LIVERPOOL in 2002 as the Ship’s Senior Policeman where he was employed conducting police duties, Ship’s Security Officer, Customs Officer and Chief Flight Deck Officer.  This led to a deployment in OP TELIC, during the Iraq invasion of 2003.

Andy commissioned in 2005.  After Officer training at Britannia Royal Navy College Dartmouth and specialist detective training, Andy was appointed as the Deputy Officer in Charge of the Royal Navy Police Special Investigations Branch (RNP SIB), providing a deployable investigative capability for serious and complex crime committed by servicemen globally.  During this assignment, he led the largest ever RNP investigation into the deaths of two sailors who died from an explosion on board a UK submarine and he introduced contingency plans for dealing with Major Incidents on ships.  After a brief period at HQ RNP as the Police Policy Officer, Andy worked at the Defence College of Policing and Guarding (DCPG) as the Deputy Officer in Charge of Advanced Police Training, where he was involved in managing the delivery of investigator and specialist training to all three-service police forces, including Crime Scene and Airport Security courses.  He also personally instructed Major Crime and Investigative Doctrine and project managed the restructuring of the detective’s course. 

In 2010 he deployed to Afghanistan during OP HERRICK as the HR, Recruitment and Personnel Mentor to the Afghan National Police in Helmand Province. During this tour, he assisted in improving the deployment of police throughout the province as well as overseeing the recruitment of 1500 new Police Officers in a 6-month period.  He was awarded the US Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal and UK Joint Chiefs Commendation for these achievements.  On returning to the UK, he undertook a further short spell at DCPG before being appointed as the Establishment Security Officer at HMS SULTAN, where he was responsible for all aspects of security management, including armed and unarmed guarding, vetting, physical and personnel security and coordinating security exercises as well as leading as small team of RNP.  In 2013 he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and appointed as the Naval Provost Marshal (Regional Police Commander) for Western UK, responsible for the conduct of all criminal and disciplinary investigations and delivery of policing across the Western Region. Whilst there Andy restructured the Regional HQ and introduced Intelligence led policing throughout the Region.  In 2015 Andy returned to RNP SIB, this time as the Officer in Charge, where he managed the organisation before retiring from active service in 2017, after more than 30 years-service.

In March 2017, he joined Associated British Ports (ABP) as the Head of Security and Contingency Planning at Southampton Port.  The port is the busiest cruise port in Northern Europe, which handles in excess of 2 million passengers travelling on more than 500 cruise ships per annum.  He performs the duties of the Port Security Officer, Port Facility Security Officer and Chairman of the Port Security Authority and contract manager for 450 contracted security staff.  He also acts as the Emergency Planning coordinator and Data Protection Champion.  His responsibilities include strategic security direction of Hams Hall International Rail Terminal and two UK bonded warehouses.  As a Director of ABP Security he is actively involved in enhancing security standards across ABP Group and has regular interaction with Government regulatory bodies and organisations.