IFSEC 2019 Keynote Arena

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The Converged Security operations centre– Unifying physical security and cyber security
11:00 - 12:00
Broadcaster and Security Journalist
Micro Focus
Industry Liaison - Architecture & Engineering
Axis Communications
Virtually Informed Ltd
Unified Security Ltd

This panel session will discuss the concept, reality, and evolution of having both physical and cyber security teams managing and collaborating in the same Security Operations Centre.

In today’s high-risk and high-threat environment, there is a real and immediate need for a converged security approach that unifies monitoring of both physical and cyber security events under a unified platform. By leveraging disparate sources of data, organisations can effectively manage a situation in real-time without having to go to multiple individual subsystems to get the job done.

keynote address: A Global Political and Security Outlook from Frank Gardner OBE
12:15 - 13:00
Broadcaster and Security Journalist

As well as delivering a fascinating analysis of the global political and security outlook, Frank recounts his personal story of surviving against the odds and a recovery that took months and over a dozen operations. He also looks at what a journalist risks to cover a story and foster understanding of complex issues.

Cost vs Safety & Security - Which is most important? What is the right balance?
13:30 - 14:30
Head of Security and Contingency Planning (Southampton Port)
Associated British Ports
Broadcaster and Security Journalist
Emergency Planning Manager
London Luton Airport and Vice-Chair of UK Aviation Emergency Planning Group
Technical Security Director

This panel discussion hosted by the IFSEC Transport Security Council will debate whether cost or safety and security is most important in an organisation.

The discussion will also focus on how organisations should go about finding the right balance between controlling costs and having appropriate security and safety.

Using Drones to secure the future
14:45 - 15:15
Managing Director
Aerial Motion Pictures
Professional Drone Pilot
Box Cottage
Azur Drones

This panel will discuss the uses of unmanned aerial vehicles and how forward-thinking companies using this technology are likely to become leaders in the market.

With the fast-moving technology advancements in cameras and high definition imagery, drones can now be looked upon as a powerful weapon in security. Fast maturity of unmanned aerial vehicle development is seeing increasing versatility of its uses for solutions in the security world.

Crime reduction - overcoming the disruptive effects of criminality
15:30 - 16:30
Principal Psychologist
Broadcaster and Security Journalist
Border Security Manager
Gatwick Airport
Vice President Sales, EMEA & APAC

This session assesses the disruptive effects of organised crime and everyday criminality. It also will consider the likely implications for your business and its people, and looks at potential technology solutions for tackling these threats.

Serious and organised crime is a significant national security threat faced by the UK and costs the country at least £37 billion each year; and the government is committed to prevent and defend against serious and organised crime in all its forms. Everyday criminality also has a significant cost to the country and organisations that do business in the UK. Technological advances and digital trends are escalating the scale of this problem and changing the face of the criminal marketplace.


Engineer of Tomorrow: Heats Winners
16:40 - 16:50

PRESENTED BY: Frank Gardner OBE, Broadcaster and Security Journalist