Access Control

Showcase and source the latest access control security at IFSEC​

Access control technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace with more reliance on mobile technology and modern access control solutions including biometric systems, wireless locks, smart cards and more. By 2020, 20% of organisations will be using smartphones in place of traditional physical access cards. IFSEC 2020 will showcase these latest technologies from the biggest providers in this space.​

Which access control products will you see at IFSEC?

IFSEC 2020 will feature modern access based control systems like plastic ID cards, as well popular technologies like biometric systems and mobile access. You will also see:​

  • IP access systems​
  • Finger-print readers​
  • Iris scanners​
  • Keyless access solutions​
  • Locks​
  • Keypads and touch panels​
  • Card readers​
  • Gates & turnstiles​
  • ID cards​
  • Cloud & web access control systems​
Access control at IFSEC

Access control suppliers at IFSEC 20 so far:

Access control exhibitors at IFSEC 20 so far

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"An overwhelming majority – 96% – thought the IoT was applicable to access control to at least some extent,
with more than half (52%) ticking ‘very applicable’."

Results from the HID Global Smart Buildings Survey

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