One magazine, five platforms!

Security Report follows the rhythms of the era and is being modernized without losing the quality of its information that has introduced into the security systems market.


With its expertise personnel, Security Report fully covers each sector of Security Systems

(CCTV, Access Control, Alarm Systems, Physical security, Perimeter Protection, Signal Centers, Fire Detection, IT Security, Defense Security, Maritime Security). The magazine includes technical articles and useful tips and as a result is addressed to security technicians and their companies.

Changes that ... ensure success!

Respecting customers, readers and subscribers, the publishing company Libra Press has decided to add new ways of reading the magazine.

  • The printed version of "Security Report" remains and continues to be sold to the kiosks, as well as being sent to 3.000+ technicians.
  • In our website, which is updated in a daily basis, you can find and read every article of the current issue. Our magazine website has more than 7,000 unique visitors per month. On the official Facebook page of  "Security Report" , you can find now every article of our magazine. The followers of the page (1.400+) have the opportunity to comment on the publications, as well as to communicate with us for any questions that they might have.
  • Every month, promotional newsletters are sent, including the most important articles of our magazine, as well as the new product releases.The database consists of 12,000 e-mails that belong to professional security integrators.
  • Last but not least ... is the new interactive e-magazine ''Security Report'', where  you can find in the top of our website( What makes the magazine's reading platform distinct, apart from the fact that is free, is that it has plenty of links on each page. It is worth mentioning that the first interactive issue of "Security Report" magazine had more than 2000 clicks.

«Security Report», «Digital TV» and «NoW» magazines, are packed together!

 "Security Report" releases on a monthly basis with the successful and top magazine in the market for antennas, "Digital TV" and our brand new magazine, "NoW" which is an informative read for anyone in the networking industry.

Additional information

The publishing company Libra Press provides special promotional advertising packages in all five platforms of the magazine at one price. We do this with integrated, targeted multimedia packages that are designed to maximize your advertising effectiveness.

Keep informing with..Security choosing any reading platform that best suits your preferences!