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MEMS Smart LiDAR Sensor

Robosense Announces The Test Of Vehicle Equipped With Smart Lidar Sensor

31/01/2020 Vehicle Detection
RoboSense announced the world’s first public road test of a vehicle equipped with a Smart LiDAR Sensor at CES 2020. The RoboSense Smart LiDAR car, featuring the award-winning RS-LiDAR-M1 Smart LiDAR...
IDIS Launches Edge VA Bullet

IDIS Launches Edge VA Bullet And Dome Cameras With On-Board Analytics

31/01/2020 Bullet Cameras
IDIS has launched a powerful line-up of Edge VA bullet and dome cameras, featuring on-board analytics that will transform the efficiency of security operations in retail, banking and busy commercial...
Gaurav Kaushik, Director, Volty IoT Solutions

‘The GPS Market in India should Witness atleast 70% Growth over the Last Year’

31/01/2020 Dahua
We spoke to Gaurav Kaushik, Director, Volty IoT Solutions to understand his organisation’s focus areas in security for the year 2020, which technologies and products they believe are going to be in...
Col. Ajay Bakshi, Corporate & Offshore Security, Cairn Oil & Gas, Vedanta Limited

‘The Future CSO Needs to Look at Integrated Security Across Physical, Electronic & Cybercrimes’

31/01/2020 Industrial Security
We spoke to Col. Ajay Bakshi, Corporate & Offshore Security, Cairn Oil & Gas, Vedanta Limited to understand the changing role of a CSO, his views on how security strategies are taking shape...
IFSEC Bangladesh Expo & Conference

Announcing 2nd Edition of IFSEC Bangladesh Expo & Conference From 11-13 April, 2020 at ICCB, Dhaka

31/01/2020 Security
As a fast growing economy, Bangladesh is gradually flourishing in its commerce and industry. This has ensured the size and number of civil assets and employees is also increasing in industries. This...
Bosch Helps Cars Keep An Eye On Their Passengers

Bosch Helps Cars Keep An Eye On Their Passengers

15/01/2020 AI
Microsleep, distraction, a seatbelt left undone – many things that happen inside a vehicle can have far-reaching consequences. To avert critical driving situations and possibly also accidents, it is...
Vuwall Releases Security Update

Vuwall Releases Security Update For Trx Management System

VuWall announced an update to its TRx Centralized Multi-Video Wall Management System, version 2.5. This release includes three new security capabilities that strengthen the VuWall system: Transport...
Traffic Management Solutions

NEC "Traffic Management Solutions" Certified By Vmware

NEC Corporation announced that its "Traffic Management Solutions" (TMS), which provide more comprehensive control of communications traffic, have been certified for use with VMware Ready for NFV,...
Mindtech’s Chameleon AI Product

Mindtech’s Chameleon AI Product for Smart Video Surveillance

15/01/2020 Smart Cameras
Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, deep learning, neural networks have revolutionized the field of image understanding and recognition. Mindtech is to be the go-to-partner for disruptive, AI-...
Johnson Controls Releases Targeted Hardware Platform

Johnson Controls Releases Targeted Hardware Platforms For Video Management

Johnson Controls introduces the latest generation of Tyco American Dynamics victor Workstations, now with a space-saving compact option. Users will be able to choose the optimal platform for their...
IFSEC Awards 2019

IFSEC Awards 2019 Night Held at India Expo Mart, Greater Noida

15/01/2020 Security
Adeesh Sharma As part of IFSEC India 2019 expo, the 4th edition of IFSEC India Awards show was organized at a gala event on 19th December 2019 at The Banquet Hall, India Expo Mart, Greater Noida from...
Security Industry in 2020

Seven Key Trends for the Security Industry in 2020

15/01/2020 Security
By Ashish P. Dhakan, MD & CEO, Prama Hikvision India “Normally when we talk about trends and the future, we are actually thinking more about the present. The reason we are keen on understanding...