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Pelco Adds Spectra Professional 4K

Pelco Adds Spectra Professional 4K To Its High-Resolution PTZ Portfolio

26/02/2019 Video Surveillance
Pelco by Schneider Electric has announced the immediate availability of the new Spectra Professional 4K cameras to their portfolio of high resolution (4K) fixed and Pan Tilt Zoom cameras. From...
Wisenet TNV-7010RC Corner-Mount Camera

Hanwha Techwin Launches Wisenet TNV-7010RC Corner-Mount Camera

26/02/2019 Video Surveillance
The new Wisenet TNV-7010RC 3 megapixel corner mount camera manufactured by Hanwha Techwin has been designed to meet the requirements of police, prisons and mental health institutions where there is a...
AI & Deep Learning

Videonetics Unveils Industry’s first AI & Deep Learning powered No Seat Belt Detection Technology

26/02/2019 AI
Videonetics today announced the Industry’s first Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning powered ‘ No Seat Belt Detection’ technology, aims to detect in real-time those drivers who are not...
Secure Authentication

AI + Continuous Security + Your Face = Secure Authentication

26/02/2019 AI
George Brostoff, CEO, SensibleVision A couple of decades ago, to deploy an effective AI instance you needed a box the size of a large refrigerator. Deep Blue, the IBM supercomputer that beat the...
Artificial Intelligence is Key Cybersecurity Weapon

Global Study Finds Artificial Intelligence is Key Cybersecurity Weapon in the IoT Era

26/02/2019 AI
As businesses struggle to combat increasingly sophisticated cyber security attacks, the severity of which is exacerbated by both the vanishing IT perimeters in today’s mobile and IoT era, coupled...
Gautam D. Goradia, CEO & MD, Hayagriva Software

COM-SUR Will Be Integrated With AI & ML Technologies To Offer Holistic Solutions

26/02/2019 Video Surveillance
We spoke to Gautam D. Goradia, CEO & MD, Hayagriva Software to understand their priorities for the Indian security market in 2019, their plans to further promote awareness around AI, IoT and...
Capt Vijay K Madan, Director, Ultimate Aviation Solutions Pvt Ltd

‘UAVs Alone Can Counter New-Age Security Threats’

26/02/2019 UAVs
We spoke to Capt Vijay K Madan, Director, Ultimate Aviation Solutions Pvt Ltd to understand the various security challenges that organizations face in modern times, the role of UAVs in enhancing...
IFSEC Bangladesh Expo

The Inaugural IFSEC Bangladesh Expo to Discuss Challenges Faced During Implementation of IoT From 18-20 April, 2019 at ICCB, Dhaka

26/02/2019 Security
Adeesh Sharma With connected devices all around us and the need to make security systems more intelligent in order to ease challenges in managing them, IoT has been in greater focus than ever before...
Smart Building Automation Solutions

How Buildings Benefit from Smart Building Automation Solutions

12/02/2019 Building Automation
John Nye, Team Marking at 75F When considering smart building automation solutions (BAS) , people often think their buildings are: Too small Too big Too old Too new If this were the case, then no...
Demystifying Blockchain

Demystifying Blockchain and Key Trends

12/02/2019 Blockchain
Purshottam Purswani, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Atos India Most conversations surrounding Blockchain so far have centred around Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Financial Services. While these are...
Smart With Digital

Tomorrow’s Cities Will Thrive If They’re Smart With Digital

12/02/2019 Smart Cities
V.S. Shridhar, Senior Vice President & Head, Internet Of Things By 2050, almost 70 per cent of the world’s population will live in urban areas, our cities. This boom is expected to be...
AI is Changing the Landscape of Cybersecurity

AI is Changing the Landscape of Cybersecurity

12/02/2019 AI
It’s no surprise that artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most searched technological terms in Google; however, ironically this function itself is also executed by AI. This emerging technology...