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 VESDA-E Smoke Detection

Honeywell Announces VESDA-E Smoke Detection For Building Integration

14/09/2018 Building Automation
Honeywell has announced its advanced smoke detection technology – capable of detecting and reporting smoke at its inception, before a fire develops – can now integrate with some of the most widely...
IFSEC India 2018 Conference

Learn How Analytics Can Be Use to Gain Meaningful Insights from Security Equipment at IFSEC India 2018 Conference

14/09/2018 Security
A well-connected and safe city needs to provide round-the-clock security and a feeling of well-being to its residents. This requires the use of new-age technology solutions across all walks of life...
Safeguarding Large Security

Safeguarding Large Security Networks against IoT Hacks

14/09/2018 IoT
Adeesh Sharma While the need to connect security equipment across locations is the need of the hour, the other pertinent issue that pops is the growing growing wave of cyberattacks against such...
Prama Hikvision India

Prama Hikvision India Initiates Its "Secure Campuses" CSR Program Through A Strategic Partnership With Government Of Rajasthan

29/08/2018 Video Surveillance
Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, announced that its joint venture Prama Hikvision India Pvt. Ltd (PHIPL) has introduced a "Secure...
Crestron Introduces Pyng OS 2

Crestron Introduces Pyng OS 2 for Smart Homes

29/08/2018 Smart Homes
Crestron announced the upcoming release of Crestron Pyng OS 2, the operating system of the world’s smartest homes. Built into the new CP3-R 3-Series Control System, a secure enterprise-grade control...
REVE Antivirus

REVE Antivirus Makes Your System Threat Free with its Higher Detection and Turbo Scan Technology

29/08/2018 Cyber Security
REVE Antivirus has announced that its anti-malware solution is capable of quick detection compared to many another similar antivirus. According to the analysis report of REVE Malware lab, REVE is...
[24]7 AIVA Develops Virtual Agent

[24]7 AIVA Develops Virtual Agent with Emotional Intelligence

29/08/2018 AI
[24] announced the addition of advanced conversational capabilities to its AI-powered virtual agent [24]7 AIVA. With this announcement [24]7 AIVA is now the first virtual agent to possess...
Tech Mahindra and Government of Telangana

Tech Mahindra and Government of Telangana Collaborate for India’s First Blockchain District

29/08/2018 Cyber Security
The Telangana State Information Technology, Electronics, and Communication department (ITE&C) have signed a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the global digital transformation provider Tech...
Axis Solutions Day 2018 Showcases Intelligent Technologies

Axis Solutions Day 2018 Showcases Intelligent Technologies for Smart Cities

29/08/2018 Smart Cities
Axis Communications shared implementation details of their large-scale community CCTV Nenu Saitham project in Hyderabad City at Axis Solutions Day 2018. The annual event showcased their integrated...
Optimized Product Mix to Build Brand Loyalty

Security Companies Must Focus on Optimized Product Mix to Build Brand Loyalty

29/08/2018 Video Surveillance
We spoke to Mr. Pranav Verma, Executive Director (APAC region) , Vantage Integrated Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd to understand the current security market in India and the way forward for security...
Safeguarding Against Threats to IP-based Cameras

Safeguarding Against Threats to IP-based Cameras

29/08/2018 Video Surveillance
Adeesh Sharma While IP-based surveillance cameras have allowed a vivid analysis of information provided by the video footage, there is also a flip side in terms of securing the information captured...
Sharad Yadav, General Manager, Buildings, Honeywell Home

Iot is Shifting the Market Focus Towards Convergence of Platforms With IP Technology

16/08/2018 Security
We spoke to Sharad Yadav, General Manager, Buildings, Honeywell Home and Building Technologies, India to understand his views on the security market in India, the various technologies and products...