‘The Security Of An Organization Depends On How Well Its Assets Are Managed’


We spoke to Rajesh Panda, Security Lead, HCL Technologies - Telangana & AP to understand the changing role of a CSO in ensuring security for an organization, his thoughts on security strategies maturing in the Indian corporate organizations, the role of Machine Learning in optimizing business processes & in ensuring cost reduction as well as his views on the IFSEC India show and the role played by it in increasing awareness around security technologies.


Rajesh Panda, Security Lead, HCL Technologies - Telangana & AP



Interviewed by Adeesh Sharma

Please dwell on the changing role of a CSO in ensuring security for an organization.

The security of an organization depends on how well its assets are managed. A CSO is equally responsible for ensuring complete control on perimeter gate & boundary wall, authentication of visitors and all transactions that occur between vendors and employees. To ensure all of the above, he needs to provide proper training to the security team and also create security awareness among employees during the induction programme. He needs to develop intelligence to gather relevant information and also to maintain close supervision of the premises. Other relevant job responsibilities include monitoring the CCTV footage and extracting relevant incidents for investigation, as well as preventing tailgating at access door entries.

How do you foresee security strategies maturing in the Indian corporate organizations?

The physical security culture is well established in Indian corporate organizations. However, this has to be fine-tuned in terms of recruiting efficient guard force. This should be done keeping in perspective the educational qualifications of employees and by providing them thorough training. The wages must be redesigned to attract others to join security industry. The BCP must be enforced on security vendors as per management requirements. In addition, the grievance of security guards should be taken care of by both the employer and the vendor.

What role can technologies such as AI, IoT, Machine Learning and Big Data play in enhancing security of an organization?

Machine learning is being adopted by my organisation to optimize the business processes & ensure cost reduction. Through proper authentication, access control, secure offloading, and malware detection schemes to protect data privacy, we can identify the source & prevent outside attacks.

How do you think expos such as IFSEC India can be leveraged by the security stakeholders to enhance awareness about security products and learn about security strategies?

These expos are a key platform for security stake holders to update & create awareness on latest technologies and their advantages. The discussions take us into a revolutionary thought process for securing our facilities. We can also interact with the various vendors to customize security devices as per our requirement.