Secureye Launches Falcon Icam500 Color Night Vision Camera

Secureye Launches Falcon Icam500 Color Night Vision Camera

Secureye launched Falcon iCam500 Color Night Vision Camera with advance Night Vision tech Integration for end users.  The company is providing a wide array of solutions for both commercial and residential consumers. Since its Inception, 25 year ago the company is constantly streamlining its series of products according to the sudden surge and demands of the growing consumers. Their products range from CCTV cameras, Biometric devices, access control systems, etc.

This WI-FI Bullet IP Camera with LED floodlight is equipped with the latest path-breaking technologies to keep both commercial and residential space safe and secure. The Falcon 500 iCamis furnished with Hawkeyed Night Vision Camera with High-Quality color as well as non-color output.

The camera has smart humanoid tracking mode, motion detection alarm and imaging system which could track or capture any peripheral movement and raises phone alarm automatically. Camera assures security and enables controlling as well as monitoring through a smartphone connected via Wi-Fi.

The camera can be controlled by Alexa, this will apply to those who own an Echo Show or an Echo Spot smart display, due to the visual component inherent to interacting with a video camera.

This 2.0 MP camera withLED Flood Light has extraordinary digital zoom along with auto day and night mode which can beat the eyes of the Falcon. The Camera supports a 32GB SD card and can record unlimited video feed on cloud storage.

Today, there are a host of options available when it comes to opting for safe and security solutions. Gone are the days when you need to worry about peaky neighbors, mischievous brats and your belongings when you leave home.

On the launch Manish Agarwal, Director, SECUREYE said, “Home security is a prime concern for everyone. The product offerings from Secure Eye are built keeping in mind about the tech innovations in the industry so that we can out-do the products available in the market. We have developed clever ways to keep your house and property secure.

Even the cave dweller has there primitive ways to keep their dwellings safe and secure – possibly placing a wild “pet” animal near the mouth of the cave. Today, we can choose from the plethora of home security systems that are a far cry from some type of mammoth guarding a cave.

Our offerings are not just good but are always ahead of their peers. We hope that cost-effective home solutions will keep everyone smiling without the threat of an untoward incident.”