‘SAJAG’ Pandemic Management Suite empowers frontline workers with actionable intelligence for faster action along with investigation aids.’


Dr. Tinku Acharya Fellow IEEE, Founder & MD, Videonetics Technology talks about ways in which COVID-19 shall drive a change in security and surveillance strategies across organizations, shares key features/highlights of SAJAG platform that can prove to be useful in this global crisis, how SAJAG can be used to effectively track and trace out COVID-19 suspects and his plans to maintain business continuity post COVID-19.

Dr. Tinku Acharya Fellow IEEE, Founder & MD, Videonetics Technology

Interviewed by Adeesh Sharma

In what ways shall COVID-19 drive a change in security and surveillance strategies across organizations?

The dramatic spread of COVID-19 has interrupted lives, livelihoods, communities, and businesses worldwide. Most of the businesses are not being able to function to the fullest since the complete lockdown imposed by the government as a preventive measure to combat the spread of the deadly virus.

With stringent lockdown being enforced in many parts of the world, employees have been forced to transition working from home. Organizations are encouraged to adopt new technologies for ensuring employee protection, while maintaining business continuity and minimum impact to customer/partner service. The priorities in security and surveillance industry are also shifted for the time being to address this pandemic struggle in various ways for the safety and protection of human lives.

Acting with urgency, our technologists have developed world’s first AI powered ‘SAJAG’ video analytics based Pandemic Management Suite to vanquish and fight against COVID-19. SAJAG enables 24x7 monitoring of cities, hotspots, and any other facilities, from office complexes to factories, educational institutions, hospitals, malls, condominiums, among others. It ensures that a wide range of relevant parameters are monitored, and anomalies detected with accuracy to aid the authorities for proactive action to fight this battle.

Please mention key features/highlights of SAJAG that can prove to be useful in this global crisis?

SAJAG has multifaceted applications which equips on-ground team as well as stakeholders at command control center to improve response management and help in taking precautionary measures in saving lives of citizens as well as their own lives. Some of the key features of SAJAG are:

1. Built for tough operating conditions, from extreme weather to unreliable power supply and connectivity

2. Offers real time alerts to ensure compliance with precautionary guidelines during and after the lockdown actionable intelligence with in-depth insights

3. Provides actionable information with in-depth insights to aid authorities.

4. Serves as decision support system for on-ground teams and those manning the command and control centre

5. Enables contact tracing based on video evidence, rather than less reliable self-reporting

6. Automatic monitoring of compliances imposed on society such as wearing Masks, PPE, maintaining social distancing and so on. SAJAG can detect violations of such compliances and alert authorities, for swift action.

7. Automatic generation of statistical information of compliances in a zone to monitor the severity of the violations and predictive analysis of progress in enforcing the compliances.

8. Better the compliance (less violations), higher is the chance to arrest the virus and eventually eradicate it from the region.

How can SAJAG be used to effectively track and trace out COVID-19 suspects?

Yes, we introduced ‘SAJAG’ Pandemic Management Suite to combat planet’s most dreaded pandemic by empowering frontline workers and officials with actionable intelligence for faster action along with investigation aids. The solution has been trained with real-time video data to address challenges concerning to COVID-19. SAJAG offers following use cases:

Social Distancing Management

It calculates in real time the distance between individuals within the field of view. If people violate predefined social distancing norm, the authorities will get an instant alert. It is also seamlessly integrated with a statistical analysis tool to evaluate compliance with social distancing guidelines during a certain period and generates data to aid decision making.

Queue and Crowd Management

Based on predefined social distancing norms, it provides actionable intelligence in places like airports, railway/bus stations, shopping malls, multiplexes, hospitals, etc. where people tend to congregate, or need to queue up to enter, exit or make payment at the checkout counter.

Masks & PPE Detection:

In real time, it identifies faces of people without masks. The system is intelligent enough to classify types of face covers like masks, or any other objects such as cloth, scarf etc. It also detects health workers with or without Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at hospitals and nursing homes.

Detection of Vehicles of Interest:

The software provides a unique feature of detecting vehicles of interest such as unauthorized vehicles plying on the road without due permissions. The authorities will get an automatic alert, and details of the violator can also be pulled out.

Integration of Body Temperature Detection Camera:

Some camera manufacturers plan to introduce ‘fever detection' cameras. We are offering our API to integrate them with our Intelligent VMS. This will help in identifying people with COVID-19 symptoms and enable their tracking in the crowd. Our Intelligent Video Analytics can enable this in crowded places such as airports, railway stations, bus stations, supermarkets, malls.

Last but not the least, the unified interface of Videonetics Intelligent VMS and SAJAG empowers end user/operators to view real-time alerts, manage them, and respond to them swiftly, from the Command & Control Centre (CCC). Thus, they will be able to make better decisions by having consolidated monitoring and reporting in the single interface.

What are your plans to maintain business continuity post COVID-19?

In the wake of the recent outbreak of the COVID-19, Videonetics is standing with all their partners, customers and family members of all the employees. Yes, these are challenging times for all of us, however, our team is dedicatedly providing support to the partners even during the entire period of lockdown. Simultaneously, we are communicating with them regularly to strengthen our relationships. Our team quickly invented and designed, this state-of-the-art solution with passion to contribute to this battle as a soldier.

We have always strived for innovations in video computing domain as the guiding principle of our company. This crisis demands for innovation to stay ahead of the enemy in the form of this virus and we have accepted the challenge to be fellow fighter with our frontline soldiers from police to healthcare personnel to administrator to decision makers. As a responsible corporate citizen with our sheer determination, we will continue to invest in R&D to introduce path-breaking technologies that can help end users to mitigate aftermaths of COVID-19, pertaining to security and safety of the citizens, organizations and assets.