Prama Hikvision offers temperature screening solutions for safe reopening of schools


Prama Hikvision

Education Institutions across India are looking for breakthrough solutions to resolve the health and safety concerns after the recently issued fresh guidelines by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) for safe reopening. To help education sector to safely reopen, Prama Hikvision offers an impressive line-up of solutions for the Education Sector. Few such solutions include the Temperature Screening Solution, a Crowd-Flow Management Solution and Social Distancing Solution. 
Using a Touch-Free Temperature-screening solution is one of the measures being currently used to quickly spot individuals with an elevated skin temperature (EST).

This method reduces manual testing time and safety risks to those involved in the detection process. The Temperature Screening Cameras have been widely adopted by majority of the educational institutions in India and abroad.

The thermal cameras are capable of accurately monitoring the skin-temperature of all the incoming people, students, staff or visitors. They also raise an alert in case someone with an elevated temperature is spotted within the camera range or if a visitor is not wearing the mask. The cameras are capable of detecting the skin temperature of as many as thirty people simultaneously. 

Solutions for safe Reopening of Education Institutes: At schools and other education institutions, temperature screening products and solutions are needed to enhance the safe stay of all the students and staff while also giving them quick access to classrooms, offices and dormitories. Now with Hikvision’s Temperature Screening Solutions, this process becomes much easier – and much safer.

Flexible Product Options: A variety of products and solutions will suit a host of specific needs for any scenario.

Touch-free Temperature Measurement: High-efficiency temperature measurement without close contact provides even more protection.

Centralized Management: Instant visualization of overall statistics enhances protection and facilitates exporting of data.

Solution Overview 

Onboard Temperature Screening & Mask Detection: The school bus system is one of the most important transportation methods for students. Hikvision’s Smart Onboard Temperature Screening Terminals support non-contact skin-surface temperature measurement, mask detection, attendance check and audio alarms to detect abnormal temperatures at an earlier stage and keep bus travel safe.

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Temperature Screening & Mask Detection at Entrance Lobbies: Upon arriving at school, students and staff shall be guided to the pre-set entrance lobbies for preliminary temperature measurement before entering the campus. A variety of devices are available to meet temperature measurement, mask detection and attendance management needs.