'Our focus is going to be on manufacturing 4G-based mobile tracking devices'

We spoke to K. D. Bhargava, Chairman and CEO Markon Electronics Corporation Pvt. Ltd to understand his organization’s focus areas in security for the year 2020, technologies and products he believes are going to be in focus this year, innovations to expect from their security products portfolio, his observations on how technologies such as AI, IoT and ML are penetrating security devices and his plans to further penetrate the Indian security solutions market.

Interviewed by Adeesh Sharma

K. D. Bhargava, Chairman and CEO Markon Electronics Corporation Pvt. Ltd

Please tell us about your organisation’s focus areas in security for the year 2020.

We have primarily been selling security systems but now we have switched over our profile to GPS tracking devices as well as IoT products. We are focusing more on GPS devices for different kinds of applications for different uses, like personal trackers, vehicle trackers for different types of vehicles such as taxis, buses, etc.

We are providing these trackers in partnership with Concox, which is world’s largest manufacturing company in China. Now we are setting up a plant with them in India in two months’ time where we shall be designing these systems based on customers usage and applications. It will provide firmware and software solutions as well. Besides conventional products we are already selling, we shall be focusing on customer needs and design hardware and software and firmware so that customer needs are taken care of.

Which technologies and products do you believe are going to be in focus this year?

This year the focus will basically be on IoT products. which is the need of the day today. We have already got a product in which we are using artificial intelligence. It is a tracking device which can be installed in a car or a bus with two cameras. The detachable camera can be kept at the backside of the car while the other camera is inbuilt into the device which is stuck on the front windshield on the inside. This takes care of a 130-degree view outside and the inside view covered is 90 degrees. This device has two slots, one is for the SD card for which you have 64 GB recording capacity while the other has a 4G SIM that can work anywhere in world. You can talk, see, listen and view everything through an app, which we are providing free of cost on Play Store. The back camera has AI which means if the registered driver is not sitting on the seat, he can’t start the car. If the driver is drinking, then it will give a notification alert, if driver is smoking it well give an alert as well. This is called driver behavior analysis.

Any technology innovations which we can expect as part of your security solutions portfolio?

You know today all vehicle trackers are 2G based. Now 3G and 2G technologies are being phased out all over the world. Even in China 2G support is getting over on 31st March. From here on, our focus is going to be on 4G. Now 4G trackers are going to be manufactured for countries like US, Europe etc. 4G trackers are going to be initially costly but gradually as the volume picks up, prices will come down. But we feel we have a big market for 4G trackers for which we have plans to produce in this new factory.

Your observations on how tech such as AI, ML, IoT etc are penetrating security and surveillance products, especially in relation to your products.

We have a view that AI is the technology of today and tomorrow and therefore we should focus and bring this technology in focus so that we not only automate the whole tracking process but also make the life and security of people more comfortable and easier and less dependent on people.

Please tell us about your plans to further penetrate Indian security market.

Our prime focus is the Indian security market, secondary focus is on exports. 4G technology products will have more focus on exports while we continue with 2G and 3G products for Indian markets till the network changes here. As of now, 2G is cheaper and people can’t afford 4G at times. Therefore, we are bringing 4G technology and will start production but initially we can’t sell everything in India because of costs. Only few big customers can afford it and also we can export these products for now. But gradually we will have the network changes and therefore the focus shall be to bring new tech in future.

In addition, we believe the government should give more incentives and more facilities to enable new technologies to come to India. This way we can do wonders because India today is very well placed to take up manufacturing because of this recent Corona virus situation in China. And if we can produce good quality products, we can have big export markets and can even reach out to Chinese markets, as well as other markets abroad. It is time we should develop the Indian market and create an environment which is conducive to manufacturing. The govt should encourage and help industry to bring this technology in India. This way, employment shall get generated and technology shall get upgraded which will help in economic growth.