NVX video camera, now with video analysis and advanced GeoMove features


NVX video camera

With the goal of constantly improving the performance of its products, Videotec has now added the new video analysis and GeoMove functions to its NVX cameras. This versatile compact stainless-steel camera is already well known on the market for its exceptional corrosion resistance and for providing high image quality with Full HD, super low-light, 1080p and 30x zoom, with bright clear colors in even the poorest lighting conditions.

The NVX camera is used in the maritime sector on board vessels or as part of traffic control in ports, as well as on railways, transport and industrial process environments.

The NVX has been enhanced with Videotec Analytics technology which integrates robust algorithms to ensure accurate detection in even the most adverse external environmental conditions. It offers the operator complete situational awareness at all times. The detection algorithm even works if there is rain, snow, or low contrast, camera vibrations, sudden changes in changes in light or shadows and in the presence of small animals or insects.

Depending on the rules set up by the user, an alarm is generated if an item enters, exits, appears or stops for too long within an area. Any violation of these rules will activate the alarm and the other programmed actions. Up to ten rules for each preset can be quickly and easily set up.

A particularly interesting feature is the possibility of geo-localizing the NVC video cameras on maps to support the new GeoMove and GeoMove&Track features in combination with one or more Videotec PTZ cameras.

The GeoMove feature is very useful in perimeter surveillance systems and for port traffic monitoring because it lets the video cameras detect and capture any object through its geographic coordinates, even in critical visibility conditions.

The GeoMove function can be activated via an NVX camera with integrated Videotec Analytics which provides the target’s coordinates to one or more Videotec PTZ(s) and they, in turn, use the coordinates to frame the target.

Coordinates can also be sent via third-party software, such as VMS (Video Management Software) or VTS (Vessel Tracking Service) for navigation control, or via radar control systems.

Furthermore, if the PTZ that receives the target’s coordinates has Videotec Analytics integrated, then it can also start the GeoMove&Track function, independently recognising and autonomously tracking the geolocated target.
Thanks to GeoMove&Track, the system made up of Videotec fixed and PTZ cameras provides the advantage of having a complete, turnkey detection, positioning and tracking solution guaranteed by Videotec.

The NVX camera is Lloyd's Register Type Approval System Test Specification Number 1 certified and can therefore be used in marine environments, such as on boats and ships on open decks, in enclosed spaces, in technical areas that are subject to heat generated by other equipment or as visual support for docking manoeuvres.

The total protection against inclement weather and the option of cleaning the camera with high-pressure and high-temperature water jets is guaranteed by the IP66/IP67/IP68/IP69 protection grades. The NVX has been tested and certified from -40°C to +65°C. Models with an integrated wiper or with a polycarbonate window are available for use in the food industry.

Mounting an NVX is quick and easy, even in confined spaces, thanks to its compact design, lightweight, practical quick-fit connectors and versatile modular support for mounting on walls, ceilings or parapets.
Developed entirely by the Videotec R&D team, NVX offers the Videotec guarantee of being a reliable, cyber-safe and future-proof platform which can be easily integrated with third-party products.