New Dates: IFSEC India 2020 Physical Expo From 4-6 Feb, 2021 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi with ‘AllSecure’ Safety & Health Measures

B2B Exhibitions

Informa Markets in India is all set to organise the 14th edition of IFSEC India Security Expo at Halls 8-11, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from 4th – 6th Feb, 2021. With the government granting permission to organise physical expos, Informa Markets in India is all geared to organise the show on these new dates with full safety protocols to ensure a safe and secure experience for all our stakeholders. The show provides a unique platform that brings all stakeholders from the security industry together to discuss all issues that are of relevance to industrial and homeland security, and safe cities. Analysts are of the opinion that the rise in terrorist activities, growing crime rates, data thefts, remote monitoring, growth of public infrastructure, increasing IT spending, government initiatives and increasing security spending are all boosting markets for surveillance systems in India.

B2B Exhibitions allowed to reopen in Unlock 5.0

As India has entered in to the ‘Unlock 5.0’, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has issued guidelines for opening up of more activities in areas outside the Containment Zones. During Unlock 5.0 events industry is allowed to hold B2B exhibitions by following the SOPs issued by MHA, States and UTs. Social, academic, sports, entertainment, cultural, religious, political functions and other congregations have already been permitted with a ceiling of 100 persons, outside Containment Zones only.

Now State/ UT Governments have been given the flexibility to permit such gatherings beyond the limit of 100 persons, outside Containment Zones, after 15th October 2020. In closed spaces, a maximum of 50% of the hall capacity will be allowed, with a ceiling of 200 persons. Wearing of face masks, maintaining social distancing, provision for thermal scanning and use of hand wash or sanitizer will be mandatory. In open spaces, keeping the size of the space in view and with strict observance of social distancing, mandatory wearing of face masks, provision for thermal scanning and hand wash or sanitizer must be used. To ensure that such gatherings do not spread COVID-19, State/ UT Governments will issue detailed SOPs to regulate such gathering, and strictly enforce the same.

IFSEC India exhibition cum conference has always been the platform of choice for security device manufacturers, system integrators and security practitioners cutting across industry verticals and government organisations. Key partners shall exhibit solutions around AI & IoT, homeland security, UAVs, CCTV and surveillance systems, intruder alarms, GPS and tracking systems, biometrics and RFID devices, access control systems and also cyber security systems.

AllSecure -  Informa Market In India’s Physical Event Restart Guidelines and DirectivesPhysical Distancing

IFSEC India exhibition

 1. Manage Crowd Density

Crowd Density Standard:  

•Enabling physical distancing by maintaining a Crowd Density Standard (CDS) that is in line with local authority regulations or guidance

•This may be conducted through managing visitor numbers per area and timeslot and by employing one or more of the distancing measures set out in this section, including the use of  Informa social distance ambassadors

2. Effective Registration Processes

•Non-Contact Registration:

•Using effective non-contact or self-service registration processes to minimize queuing and physical contact and maximize participants’ time and ease

•Employing onsite digital registration and / or advance online registration, which might include QR codes or digital credentials, and limiting the use of physical lanyards and badges where possible.

3. Phased & Controlled Entrance

•Staggered Admission

•Phasing the entrance of attendees to the event to avoid unnecessary queuing and distancing challenges. we will work with time slot, if that benefits and make visitor comfortable.

•This may be through providing designated visitor time slots through the day and pre-scheduled meetings through matchmaking tools, creating a safer, more consistent and predictable flow of visitors for exhibitors, and allowing visitors to better plan their meetings in advance and maximisethe use of time spent at the event

4. Enhanced Audience Targeting

•Enhanced quality of visitors

•Introducing greater scrutiny, pre-registration qualification and matchmaking tools to improve the relevance of visitors to the event, based on exhibitor/delegate feedback

•Combined with other measures, enhance targeting will lower the density of attendees but retain the overall quality of the event

5. Heightened Flow and Floor Planning

•Floor Planning

•Introducing greater visitor flow and traffic management to avoid unnecessary density and crowding challenges and avoid bottlenecks and cross walking, with regular monitoring by Informa hall managers, during the event.

•This may include a one-way visitor flow or walking route according to the venue.

•Deploying clear signage and floor markings to indicate routes and distances.

•Aisle widths and / or the distances between booths may be increased to maintain the ability to physically distance.

6. Managed Transportation

•Visitor Transportation

•Working with transportation partners to enable physical distancing in shuttles between the venue, hotels and transportation hubs. This may include reducing capacity and one person per seat.

•Recommending alternate walking routes, and hotels within walking distance where practical to reduce the use of shared transport.

•Making transportation available at the right times to support phased and controlled time slot attendance.

•Shuttle Buses -Interiors disinfected and photocatalyst coating applied to surfaces.

7.Adapted Conference Rooms & Sessions

•Conference Rooms

•Revising seating arrangements with 1 mtrdistancing and set-up in conference & meeting rooms, to enable greater space between seats.

•Using hands-free technology in the room where possible and avoiding the sharing of equipment. Temp staff to hold the mics during Q&A and not handover to delegates.

•Making sessions available digitally to ensure speakers reach a full audience and to enable all participants to take part.

8. Enhanced Food & Beverage Arrangements

•Food & Beverage

•F&B partners to enhance food safety, manage queueing and enable distancing in serving & seating areas. Tables will have clear acrylic partitions.

•Exhibitors, visitors encouraged to bring their own water bottles and use water stations for refilling.

•Minimizing self-service buffets and the use of any shared utensils or equipment to enhance food safety

•Providing food & drink options in sustainable closed containers or pre-packaged and enabling pre-ordering though app, where possible to maximize time and comfort.

•Encouraging, mobile payment or card payments and avoiding cash payments where possible to reduce contact

•Multiple dry snacks counters within the event to minimize crowding.

9. Venue Hygiene & Cleaning

•Venue Deep Cleaning

•Working with venue partners to deep clean the event location before set-up and move-in, and again before the event opens. If possible, during show days too.

•Sanitizing tunnel to be set-up (with spray) at Expo Gate.

•Prayer Room -Cleaning carried out every 2 hours.

•No overcrowding in elevators. Encouraging use of staircases to maximum.

10. Visible & Enhanced Cleaning Regime

•Cleaning Regime

•Working with venue partners to implement a visible, enhanced cleaning regime, with increased focus on high touchpoint areas including elevators, handrails, restrooms, food & beverage areas and help points

•Providing appropriate personal protective equipment to cleaners.

•Where available, enhanced cleaning may include best-in-class electrostatic cleaning methods

11. Stand & Booth Hygiene

•Stand Cleaning

•Assisting exhibitors to ensure stands, booths & exhibits are regularly disinfected throughout the event by providing guidelines of cleaning.

•For hygiene reasons, exhibitors to avoid product sampling where feasible and to replace distribution of physical promotional materials, with digital alternatives.

•Distribution of Sanitizing kit to each booth, if budget permits.

12. Facilitating Good Personal Hygiene

•Hand Sanitisers

•Making hand anitizer stations readily available at key locations around the venue, including restrooms, food & beverage locations and conference rooms

•Encouraging regular hand washing and / or the use of effective hand anitizer through prominent onsite communications.

•Foot operated Sanitizer at vantage points.

•Gadget sanitizing stations with help of UV LED’s

•Disinfectant sanitizing of cafeteria furniture.

13. Enhanced Waste Management

•Waste Management

•Collecting and removing waste receptacles more frequently during events at regular intervals.

•Providing clearly identified waste receptacles for disposing of face masks and other protective equipment, as well as additional recycling points for food & beverage waste if required

14.  Managing Shared Equipment

•Conference & Seminar Rooms

•Avoiding or replacing shared equipment in conference and meeting rooms, such as hand-held microphones, stationery and lecterns where possible.

•Disinfecting necessary shared equipment in these rooms, such as microphones, between each use.

•Increased cleaning schedule for conference rooms and all event equipment, including audio-visual materials.

•Break timing of 15 mins in between sessions mandatory for disinfecting all surfaces at conference like Tables, Chairs etc.

15. Reviewing Air Filtration Standards

•Venue Ambient Environmental Controls

•With venue partners, reviewing the air filtration provided by current heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, including the effectiveness of design, installation and maintenance, as part of reducing exposure to any harmful particles.

•Temp to be maintained between 24o–30oC as per Govt regulations.

16. Supporting Official Authorities

•Trace and Contact

•Arogya Setuapp compulsory for all attendees, including staff and exhibitors, visitors, venue officials etc.

•International Participants to download the Arogya SetuApp to visit the show, as per Directives.

•Assisting the authorities in helping to trace & contact participants, should it be necessary and where country laws allow, subject to local privacy laws

•This may include encouraging participants to download & abide by any government-sponsored tracing apps and helping authorities get in contact with participants by maintaining accurate and appropriate contact details of attendees for as long as needed.

•Alternate, emergency numbers of close relative to be declared as part of registration process.

17. Deploying Enhanced Screening

•Temperature Screening

•Temperature screening at venue entrances and advising participants accordingly

•Directing any participant with defined and detected COVID-19 symptoms (particularly fever) to a separate quarantine area and referring the case to onsite or nearby local medical authorities for proper protocols and support

•Advising participants they should not attend if they are unwell and preventing any participants who are unwell from entering the event.

•Persons above 65 yrs& pregnant females discouraged to attend as per directives, keeping in mind their safety.

IFSEC India 2020 Conference: Key highlights

As part of the endeavour to bring key stakeholders in the security domain on one platform and to deliberate on new-age challenges to security of cities and organisations, IFSEC India 2020 shall conduct a two-day conference on 4th and 5th Feb with the theme – Gearing Up for New-Age Security Threats. The various sessions shall focus on topics such as:

  • The Evolving Role of a CSO in Crisis Management and in Ensuring Business Continuity
  • Identifying Security Risks to an Organisation and Implementing the Right Strategy to Combat Them
  • The Growing Importance of AI & IoT in Augmenting the Capability of Surveillance Systems
  • The Increasing Sophistication of Cyber Attacks on Surveillance Systems
  • How Deep Learning Technologies Add Value to Surveillance Systems
  • How Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Can be Effectively Used to Augment Security

Highlights of IFSEC India 2019:

  • Over 300 brands from over 20 countries such as China, Czech Republic, Japan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, UK and the US.
  • Visitors include system integrators, VARs, architects and solution providers, representatives from the government and public domain, and solution seeking end users from various verticals.
  • Strategic partner: Assocham; Knowledge Partners: Mitkat Advisory and PwC
  • Supported by – APSA (Asian Professional Security Association), ASIS (American Society for Industrial Security), ESAI (Electronic Security Association of India) and OSAC (Overseas Security Advisory Council), Indian Institute of Drones (IID) and SECONA
  • Premium Plus Partners: Aditya Infotech, CP Plus, Enterprise Software solutions Limited (eSSL), Ezviz, Globus Infotech, Markon, Ozone, Prama Hikvision, Syrotech, Teltonika
  • Premium Partners: Facego, Hogar, Netgear, Perto Catrax, Pictor, Seagate, True View, Zebronics

IFSEC India 2020 will help in building stronger connections by offering exhibitors a captive audience of like-minded prospective and current customers. While bigger brands can build stronger relationships and educate their buyers, niche brands can utilise IFSEC India as a forum to share their experiences. It also gives exhibiting brands significant media exposure through the trade magazine and PR arm of Informa Markets, thereby securing its position as the most effective business platform for brands to get the most out of their marketing budgets.