KENT Ventures into Vehicle Security Sector With ‘KENT Cameye’


KENT Ventures into Vehicle Security Sector

KENT RO Systems Ltd, which is unanimously acknowledged as the leader in the Water Purifier category, has identified vehicle safety and security as another thrust area of expansion. In line with this, KENT has now forayed into the vehicle security segment with the launch of KENT CamEye. It is a first-of-its-kind vehicle security system that uses dual cameras, microphone and speaker to record and live video stream everything happening inside and outside the vehicle.

KENT CamEye is an app based device that provides the user with various alerts to keep their car security intact. Some of these include engine idle, noise alert, over speeding, geo-fencing, AC on, unknown driver and more.  Please Visit 

The device can do wonders and some of the most relevant features are listed below:

A User-Friendly Device

KENT CamEye, unlike others, is an easy to install device. You can do it yourself as it is a non-OBD based device and does not interfere with the original wiring of the car. The device has its own app which is available on both play store and app store and is easy to operate.

Artificial Intelligence Smart Alerts

KENT CamEye has a unique AI alert feature that is customizable as per your preferences. Notifications are sent on your mobile as alerts when specific parameters set by you are breached in your car. Some of the smart alerts are geo-fencing, over-speeding, unknown driver detection, engine ideal, AC on, and much more. These smart alerts will ensure you that your loved ones and vehicle are in safe hands.

Secure Cloud Storage

Data storage is one of the most common problems that are faced by people who use car security device.  Storage has been given chief importance and priority. All the trips, including the video, are stored on a real-time basis on the cloud for 90 days. KENT CamEye has a 3,000 mAh battery and 8 GB memory for when the car is parked or out of network coverage area. 

Designed and Engineered in India

KENT CamEye is a device that has been designed and engineered in India keeping in mind the demands of the people on the Indian roads. The features of KENT CamEye are made so that the Indian car owners can rely on it to meet the Indian pain points.

2-Way Calling

KENT CamEye has a 2-way calling feature which no other device in India has. This feature lets you talk to the car occupants without even dialling their number. This feature is helpful in situations when the driver is driving rashly or smoking in the car. The owner can directly speak from the app into the KENT CamEye and talk to the driver. Such a feature is not available in any of the car security devices.