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Coronavirus threatens to disrupt $19.9 billion video surveillance market

video_surveillance_market.jpg Although the coronavirus outbreak has had only a minimal impact on the video surveillance market so far, the industry still faces a risk from falling demand and a...

Bosch Camera With AI For Driver Assistance And Automated Driving

Automated driving technology is gradually providing more and more assistance to the driver – with the future aim of the car being able to take complete control. But there is more to it than that: "We...
Norbain Presents Vista's New VK2

Norbain Presents Vista's New VK2 Dome Camera and VK2 PTZ Camera

Are you looking to offer your customers the advantages of crystal clear 4K images along with long-range IR illumination? Vista's new ultra high-definition cameras have just been released. These...
Dahua Presents Mini PT/PTZ Series

Dahua Presents Mini PT/PTZ Series For Easy Installation

To reduce installation difficulty and extend the effective monitoring range of cameras, Dahua Technology launches mini PT/PTZ series, small-sized IP cameras with various pan and tilt ranges. Boasting...
AXIS P1375 and AXIS P1375-E network cameras

Surveillance Cameras For Stable Video Under Any Circumstances

Axis Communications announces the release of AXIS P1375 and AXIS P1375-E network cameras, offering excellent 2 MP video quality in almost any situation. Available in both an indoor and outdoor model...
Qualcomm joins Open Security & Safety Alliance

Qualcomm joins Open Security & Safety Alliance

Qualcomm announced that it has joined the Open Security & Safety Alliance, a collaborative organization that represents companies in the security, safety, building automation solutions and...
AUTODOME IP 5000i Cameras

Bosch’s AUTODOME IP 5000i Cameras with Starlight Technology

Adeesh Sharma A significant breakthrough in the mid-range segment of the Bosch portfolio is the launch of the AUTODOME IP 5000i with starlight technology. In addition to features offered by the...
QDIS IP 13MD3336

Quantum Hi-Tech Introduces IP Digital Video Camera ‘QDIS IP 13MD3336’

Quantum Hi-Tech has unveiled its latest ‘QDIS IP 13MD3336’ IP Digital Video Camera that provides a host of benefits, with true real-time monitoring & alarms along with several other possibilities...
DIGISOL Introduces 5 Mega Pixel IP CCTV Dome Camera

DIGISOL Introduces 5 Mega Pixel IP CCTV Dome Camera

DIGISOL Systems announced the release of the new Dome IP CCTV Camera with PoE, Audio & SD card slot for use in home/office security and monitoring applications. The DIGISOL DG-SC6502SA offers the...