Indian Security Market Maturing Quite Admirably



Mr. Robbin Shen, Managing Director, Dahua Technology India Pvt. Ltd talks about the progress of security market in India, the latest technologies on offer, Dahua Technology’s prorities in 2018, and more…

1. How do you foresee Indian security market maturing in the near future?

       Well, the Indian security market is maturing quite admirably. India, as you may be aware, is one of the big and fast growing markets in the world where there is tremendous scope for every security player. India’s demography, its growing economy, rising middle class, the present government’s initiatives and the steadily increasing awareness on the need for security combine together to create a vibrant market.     

         2. Please let us know about your priorities for the Indian market in the year 2018?

      Our number one priority is to provide the best customer service. Other priorities include introducing latest technologies and new security products and solutions and expanding our product portfolios and markets in India. 

         3. What impact do you think the Union Budget for 2018-19 shall have on the security industry?           

      As I said in my reaction to the Union Budget 2018-19, I envisage a positive and growth oriented impact on the security industry. The allocations for infrastructure , ‘Smart Cities’ ‘Digital India,’ education, transportation and  tourism, equipping all trains with CCTV cameras and Wi-Fi and reduction of corporate tax up to Rs. 250 cr  from 30 % to 25 % will bode well for the Indian security as these measures will help considerably in making the country safe and secure.

         4. With new technologies such as AI, IoT, Cloud, Big Data, etc. having a profound impact on security solutions, what are your plans to further boost R&D around such technologies?

      Well, we are already investing fairly in our R&D to come out regularly with new technologies. We will continue to invest in the coming years also to introduce innovative security products and solutions.