The Inaugural IFSEC Bangladesh Exhibition All Set for Launch on 18th-20th April, 2019 at ICCB, Dhaka


Predominant Technological Innovation In Indian Construction


As a fast growing developing country, Bangladesh is gradually flourishing in its commerce and industry and at the same time, the number of workers is also increasing in industries and factories. Along with the development of Bangladesh’s economy and acceleration of construction activity, the demand for industrial safety and security and fire protection continuously increases every year. The safety and Security industry in Bangladesh is at a nascent stage and is poised for a strong growth, in the years ahead.  The incidents of Rana Plaza disaster, Tazreen Fashions fire and Holy Artisan attack, have brought global attention to occupational safety and physical security in Bangladesh, which has resulted in a gradual change in the safety and security market.  

Bangladeshi safety and security equipment and services market is primarily driven by the rapid urbanization and the ongoing globalization wherein, the need for robust and updated security technologies is increasing significantly. The Government of Bangladesh has declared 'Vision 2021' with a target to make Bangladesh as a middle income country. The flourishing economy and rapid growth of other sectors such as pharmaceuticals, hotels, hospitals, power, agriculture, leather, large infrastructure, ICT & telecom, ship breaking etc is also contributing to a gradual development of the market.

Conference – Professional Security for an Insecure World

Security is a big challenge for any organisation – big or small. By adopting technologies that ensure security of assets and people and also help organisations maintain a reasonable level of deterrence against thefts, we can ensure economic progress and prosperity. This is an evolving area and more and more tech solutions are released each day. However, choosing the right security solution is based on the geographical location of a town, potential sources of security threats, the ease and accessibility of security solutions, and the skill level of security forces.

For instance, apart from their use in surveillance, smart cameras monitor traffic and can automatically divert traffic in case of congestion. We can look at many such examples where technology can help improve security and ease day-to-day challenges faced by residents.

Another key area of interest is Artificial Intelligence, which is expected to grow 18% over the next few years to enable this market reach $10.3 billion by 2030. The emergence of new technologies such as autonomous trucks and industry-wide standards such as adaptive cruise control, blind spot alert, and advanced driver assistance systems have the potential to disrupt the way transportation of goods has been handled in our services. Also, with connected devices all around us and with the need to make security systems more intelligent in order to ease challenges in managing them, IoT has been in greater focus than ever before.

In terms of user privacy also there are challenges related to control over personal information and the risk of leaking a person’s physical location and movement details. There is a stringent need for privacy enhancement technologies and relevant protection laws and standards for identity management of users and objects that are part of the IoT network.

In order to dwell upon such security challenges and enlighten key stakeholders on the modern-day threats to security, IFSEC Bangladesh shall conduct a one-day conference in Dhaka. Some of the topics to be discussed include:

  • The Threat of Cyber Security Attacks on Surveillance Systems
  • New Technologies that are Set to Transform Integrated Building Management Systems
  • The Critical Role of Visual Analytics in Ensuring Safe Cities
  • Tech that Help Bolster the Security of a New-Age City
  • How Artificial Intelligence Can be of Great Help in Improving Security & Surveillance
  • The Convergence of Cyber Security and Physical Security Strategies