MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals

Hikvision announces “touch-free” MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals

Hikvision announced its new access control and time attendance offerings, the MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals, promising a new era of face recognition access control is coming. To meet a multitude...

Hikvision launches new generation of AcuSense products

Hikvision announces the launch of a new generation of its signature AcuSense products, with significant updates. “Hikvision AcuSense products were introduced in 2018, with the idea of making...
Hikvision PIR-equipped cameras

Forward Securities utilizes Hikvision PIR-equipped cameras to secure construction sites

For one installer, Hikvision’s range of Turbo HD PIR-equipped cameras has had a dramatic impact on his business, allowing him to more efficiently monitor and secure construction sites and other...
Hikvision Begins Manufacturing in India

Hikvision Begins Manufacturing in India, Plans Export

Prama Hikvision, a joint venture between Hikvision and an Indian company, inaugurated India’s largest and first manufacturing facility located at Vasai near Mumbai. V.K. Saraswat (Member, Niti Aayog...