Hanwha Techwin introduces a complete COVID-19 solution


Hanwha Techwin

While the COVID-19 pandemic is subsiding, its effects on daily life – social distancing, face coverings, and limited public gatherings – are likely to remain. Now, surveillance technologies still need to monitor and protect, but also help ensure safety and health.

Global security company Hanwha Techwin launches a temperature detection thermal camera TNM-3620TDY as a part of the Wisenet COVID-19 solution. ​

Temperature detection thermal camera,TNM-3620TDY

The new Wisenet TNM-3620TDY is a bi-spectrum camera that features both QVGA (320x240) thermal camera with 4.7mm fixed focal lens and 2MP (1920x1080) visible camera with 4mm fixed focal lens. The thermal camera detects people with elevated body temperatures higher than the preset limit, while the visible camera identifies the object in a 2-channel multi-view layout.

Users can select two modes of detection in the camera according to their needs: estimated body temperature (EBT) mode and normal radiometric mode.

Under the EBT mode, the camera can cover a temperature range between 30~45°C, use AI to detect faces, and measure the temperature over the eye area as it is closest to the core body temperature. For more accurate measurements, using a blackbody (SPI-35B, sold separately) is recommended.

In the normal radiometric mode, temperatures between -20~130°C can be measured, making it ideal for fire-sensitive areas such as utility tunnels and plants or forest fire monitoring.

The camera can quickly screen high body temperatures, which is a possible symptom of COVID-19, helping contain the pandemic.

Real-time occupancy monitoring

License-free onboard AI analytics :

Real-time occupancy monitoring and face mask detection

The Wisenet occupancy monitoring system automatically displays a red 'Wait' message along with the number of people currently inside to help customers conform to social distancing policy when the maximum occupancy of an area is reached, When numbers are below the threshold, a green "Welcome" message is displayed.

The public-facing display messages are customizable and can include the name of the business in addition to 'stop' or 'go' indicators. The system can also generate alarm outputs to control automatic doors and traffic beacons for additional control.

With built-in AI analytics, Wisenet P series AI cameras can be installed anywhere so users don’t have to install them overhead for people counting solutions and provide business intelligence.

Wisenet P series AI cameras

Wearing face masks in public, shops, or restaurants has become a basic rule and habit for disease prevention.

The Wisenet face mask detection is a new AI attribute that can detect whether face masks are worn or not. If a person enters an area without a face mask or is wearing the fae mask improperly, the camera can automatically play a customized audio message asking them to comply with the policy.

Wisenet occupancy monitoring

The Wisenet occupancy monitoring and mask detection solutions are compatible with Wisenet AI cameras.