‘Emerging Technologies are Already Impacting Security Strategies’


Interviewed by Adeesh Sharma

We spoke to Mr. Abhishek Mani Sharma, Regional Security Advisor, India Subcontinent – Pinkerton to understand the latest security challenges faced by large organizations, the challenges he foresees in the role of security professionals going forward, role played by technologies such as AI, IoT, Machine Learning and Big Data play in enhancing security of an organization and his views on IFSEC India and how it can be leveraged by security professionals to enhance awareness about various products and technologies

Emerging Technologies


  • What kind of security challenges do you foresee for large organizations in the near future?

As a Security professional I always feel Life Safety is the topmost priority for any organization coupled with Asset protection. Asset can be anything ranging from physical to electronic assets to intellectual covering information & data and thus an organization is always under threat for Safety & Security of its employees and also protection of its assets. Protection of data & information related to employee & organization is one of the biggest challenge for any organization & security professional.  I also perceive Crisis or Incident Management arising from these threats are part of the overall threats to an organization. Since a threat can be anything that can take advantage of a vulnerability to breach security and negatively alter, erase, harm object or objects of interest.·        

  • What changes do you foresee in the security professionals role going forward?

With Technology moving at a fast pace it is always been a challenge for Security. As security professional we need to keep pace with ever changing technology and be aware of the AI, IoT, Data Mining, Big Data, Machine Learning, etc. It is no more Guards, guns & gates it is more than that & I presume we need to play a major role for a security professional to support business or rather we should be able to understand the language of business and talk to the leaders in their language. Deeper understanding & prioritization of the business side of security, familiarity with the requirement of regulation & compliances and understanding the business risks are part of the value Security professionals are providing to Senior Management. With Growing needs Cyber & Data Security is getting prominence that requires security practitioners to focus on the business need for securing data, understanding security and risk from a business perspective by extensively interacting with the business community in understanding their requirement or what they want.

  • What role can technologies such as AI, IoT, Machine Learning and Big Data play in enhancing security of an organization?

Emerging technologies are already impacting how we live and work. They're also changing how we approach, plan, and integrate security operations. With the advent of artificial intelligence, robotics, quantum computing, the Internet of Things, augmented reality, materials science, 3-D printing, and data analytics, the security industry is being transformed. Certainly, we are living in an era where innovation, agility and imagination are all essential in order to keep pace with the exponential technological transformation taking place.  For security, both physical and cyber, the equation is the same catalyzing many new potential applications for emerging technologies. I personally see emerging technologies are making an impact include:

  1. Counter terrorism and law enforcement informatics via predictive analytics and artificial intelligence.  
  2. Real-time horizon scanning and data mining for threats and information sharing
  3. Automated cybersecurity and information assurance
  4. Enhanced Surveillance (chemical and bio detection sensors, cameras, drones, facial recognition, license plate readers)
  5. Simulation and augmented reality technologies for training and modeling
  6. Safety and security equipment (including bullet and bomb proof) made with lighter and stronger materials
  7. Advanced forensics enabled by enhanced computing capabilities (including future quantum computing)
  8. Situational awareness capabilities via GPS for disaster response and crisis response scenarios
  9. Biometrics: assured identity security screening solutions by bio-signature: (every aspect of your physiology can be used as a bio-signature. Measure unique heart/pulse rates, electrocardiogram sensor, blood oximetry, skin temperature)
  10. Robotic Policing (already happening in Dubai!)
  • Please share your views on IFSEC India and how it can be leveraged by security professionals to enhance awareness about various products and technologies.

IFSEC India is a big name in the Security industry. They have been conducting conferences, Exhibitions, Awards, etc and it is a matter of great pride that IFSEC has been disseminating the eConnect newsletter to give insights to all the security professionals about the latest news & updates about industry for security professionals. It is imperative for the security professionals to utilize such platform & progress. I would suggest that IFSEC should come out with a Security magazine on similar lines.