Deep Learning

FLIR Systems

FLIR Launches Deep Learning-Enabled Machine Vision Camera 'Firefly DL'

FLIR Systems announced the launch of the FLIR Firefly DL, deep learning, inference-enabled machine vision camera with FLIR Neuro technology. With its small size, low weight, minimal power consumption...
Deep Learning-Enabled Camera Family

FLIR Systems Announces Deep Learning-Enabled Camera Family

FLIR Systems announced the FLIR Firefly camera family, the industry's first deep learning inference-enabled machine vision camera. The FLIR Firefly, which integrates the Intel Movidius Myriad 2...
Deep Learning Technologies Benefit

How Deep Learning Technologies Benefit the Security Industry

Data storage devices across the security industry are routinely required to handle an enormous amount and many layers of raw data. As Safe City projects in varying sizes become more prevalent, the...

How Deep Learning Enhances Accuracy in Security & Surveillance Systems

The power of Artificial Intelligence has breached the threshold of usability in real-life applications and computing power is at such a level where such technologies can be incorporated in...