‘Contactless access control solutions are expected to be in the limelight in future’


We spoke to Kaushal Kadakia, Marketing Manager, Matrix Comsec to understand his organisation’s views on how the pandemic has disrupted the Indian security industry, new tech they are betting on to be more relevant in the changed scenario, the focus areas for Matrix Comsec in the year 2021 and key industry verticals that they’re going to target with their innovative security solutions.

Kaushal Kadakia, Marketing Manager, Matrix Comsec

Interviewed by Adeesh Sharma

Your organisation’s views on how the pandemic has disrupted the Indian security industry?

Amidst the pandemic, the security sector has seen a dramatic downfall during 2020. However, there are ample opportunities for security companies in the upcoming year as the key players in the sector are expecting growth in 2021. To begin with, more new technologies are expected to surface in the market. With the traditional demand disrupted and the abrupt demand for COVID-19 counter solutions in 2020 companies revamped their product portfolios.  Therefore, the opportunities for the same lie ahead. Secondly, analytics-driven solutions are expected to capture the attention of prospective companies who plan to add security to their premises. With a focus on automation and strengthening efficiency, the solution makers are offering solutions that minimize the time invested in operating. Again, the road ahead builds the opportunity for thermal screening solutions and facial recognition solutions that can identify users even with the masks on. Apart from this, dual authentication based access control where temperature screening based access is allowed to the user will be an integral part of the solutions offered in 2021.

Likewise, contactless access control solutions are expected to be in the future limelight as they are being adopted by various companies at present. Deep learning analytics and AI technologies are likely to remain in the market. Mobile credentials will be used more as compared to biometrics based on the current pandemic situation. As a result, a heavy emphasis on contactless solutions is likely to remain prevalent.

Which new tech are you betting on to be more relevant in the changed scenario?

As organizations consider re-opening the doors for their peers, there are quite a few points that should be taken into consideration. Potentially, the reception area acts as the first security check for any organization. Introducing contactless visitor management software for your organization would help the management to focus more on the operations.

Secondly, a touch-free temperature screening terminal is specifically designed for the employees to enter premises is one among the key requirements. Thus, eliminating the manual temperature reading process while replacing it with an advanced and much safer one.

The aftermath of the industry will be an opportunity to learn about innovations and experiments to combat such situations, henceforth. Contactless biometrics to thermal cameras or large scale remote surveillance, they are all a part to keep a check on potential threats. With these solutions, the market would see a substantial uplift in various sectors which would inhibit the betterment of society. Thus, giving a fair chance in predicting such unfortunate events beforehand and proactively taking measures to prevent them.

Since this year the definition of normal stands evolved, Matrix intends to present an extensive range of contactless products and solutions, to provide complete assistance while ensuring the overall security of any segment.

Furthermore, with our prime focus on security, we aim to present a range of innovative solutions in the video surveillance sector. Focusing on centralized monitor and control, we aim to make security a less tedious task!

What shall be the focus areas for Matrix Comsec in the year 2021?

Matrix offers end-to-end IP video surveillance solutions including network cameras, network video recorders and video management systems.

On the other hand, Matrix’s people mobility management solutions using fingerprint biometric technology were more affected due to the fear of infection. To respond to the changing customer preferences, we are promoting our contactless technologies such as Face Recognition, Mobile based Identification, QR Code based identification, etc. With a focus on contactless identification solutions, we are promoting contactless Face Recognition and mobile-based Access Control Solutions. These identification technologies eliminate hygiene concerns. Further, considering the constraints in physical installation, we have increased its focus on Cloud solutions. Fortunately, we see some upward swing in demand for biometric fingerprint products.

Finally, Matrix’s telecom business stood us in good stead even during such turbulent times. As more people work remotely, more communication and collaboration tools will be essential for the exchange of information. Scattered people need more communication and collaboration tools. Matrix offers Unified Communication solutions on a wide range of platforms and devices including desk phones, softphones on PC, mobile applications and more.

Which are the key industry verticals that you’re going to target with your innovative security solutions?

Our solutions open a whole new world of possibilities for business – whether its manufacturing, retail, hospitality or education sector.

Present day security threats have become extremely pervasive. In order to cater to their dynamic requirements, Matrix offers comprehensive People Mobility Management solution and video surveillance solutions. Designed to fulfill a broad set of requirements spread across various industries it covers Manufacturing, BFSI, Construction, Healthcare, Government, Education, Hospitality, IT, and Transportation sectors.

Matrix is one of the very few indigenous companies which is competent in providing complete solution including both hardware and software solutions. Thus, ensuring complete security. 

On the other hand, efficient communication is necessary for every business industry. We understand the diverse communication issues associated with each industry. We intend to design solutions that meet end to end requirements of various industries such as Manufacturing, BFSI, Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail Chains, Power Utilities, Call Centers, Government and Defense.

Employee collaboration is essential in every industry, for example between staff and manager in Hospitality, order and dispatch in Manufacturing, employee and customer in BFSI, and so on. With a wide range of products, Matrix offers the flexibility and scope of modification every industry needs to address industry specific requirements.