COM-SUR Will Be Integrated With AI & ML Technologies To Offer Holistic Solutions

We spoke to Gautam D. Goradia, CEO & MD, Hayagriva Software to understand their priorities for the Indian security market in 2019, their plans to further promote awareness around AI, IoT and Machine Learning and solutions that utilize them and industry verticals they believe are going to show an increased demand for security products and solutions.

Interviewed by Adeesh Sharma

Gautam D. Goradia, CEO & MD, Hayagriva Software

  • Please let us know about your priorities for the Indian market in 2019?

'Fit and forget'; this continues to be the sad truth of CCTV today, across India as well as the world. While cameras are increasing in number globally, there is no data to prove that crime or process violations are going down because of the increase in the number of cameras. Post the horrific incident at a Gurugram school in 2017, there have been over 350 reported incidents across schools in India. A fundamental shift therefore was needed to ensure that users of CCTV achieve optimal benefits from the same. That lead us to create 'COM-SUR', the world’s only CCTV video footage auditing, smart backup and intelligent reporting software; the ‘missing’ piece of CCTV. COM-SUR is a complete 'workflow' of CCTV which works with any camera/video management systems (VMS).

In 2019, we will continue to push for COM-SUR across every vertical from an airport to a zoo (a to z). Further, our special focus would be on Police/Law Enforcement Agencies/Defense establishments since COM-SUR, besides helping improve homeland security and crime prevention, brings in a great amount of standardization and efficiency in their day to day activities.

CCTV video footage auditor – a brand new profession

We have signed a MOU with the Raksha Shakti University, a policing university in Ahmedabad, to run a ‘CCTV video footage auditor' course. This course will not only create new jobs and business opportunities (of CCTV video footage auditing services), more importantly, it will 'wake up' all these 'eyes' that are currently in sleep mode, and will also help Police/CAPF/Defense personnel to work efficiently with video and images; which they have to do so on a daily basis. Such courses if introduced across the country, will create an entire army of both old and young women and men of CCTV video footage auditors.

CSR for places of worship 

"Considering that Places of Worship are often targets of attacks, crime, and other losses, 'COM-SUR', is available for free to all places of worship world over as our CSR. It will not be out of place to mention here that the United Kingdom, as part of its efforts to keep Places of Worship Safer in the U.K., has initiated a security funding scheme, while Saudi Arabia recently conducted a hackathon to find solutions for a Safer Hajj. India therefore must not remain behind. India can, in fact, spearhead this initiative across the globe, with Made in India 'COM-SUR'.

  • Given the interest shown by security community in new technologies such as AI, IoT and Smart Cities, what are your plans to further promote awareness around solutions that utilize them?

We will be happy to promote awareness about newer technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), IoT and so on. However, due thought should be given to the fact that while such technologies continue to grow and mature, the human angle can never be taken away. Having said that, COM-SUR would greatly complement such technologies, that is, in case these technologies detect an exception/item of interest, COM-SUR would still be needed to ‘report’ the same and take the ‘next steps’.             

  • What innovations can we expect to see in your security products and solutions in the near future?

COM-SUR will be integrated with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to offer holistic solutions for purposes such as data mining, image recognition, face recognition, pattern recognition, crowd/traffic management, predictive analytics and so on.   

  • Which industry verticals do you believe are going to show an increased demand for security products and solutions this year?

We believe that every industry vertical from an airport to a zoo (a to z) would see an increased demand for security products and solutions, especially related to video
surveillance. Besides being used for crime and loss prevention, video surveillance will also be used for several other issues such as improving occupational health and safety, threat and Hazard risk identification/mitigation, improvement of operational efficiency, processes, business continuity, root cause analysis, and total quality management efforts, improvement of employee performance, customer satisfaction and sales, enhancement of compliance and so on.

It would not be out of place to mention here that with the dedicated and disciplined use of COM-SUR, all of the above issues can be addressed.