The CLIQ Web Manager Help You Manage a Key-Based Access Control System


The CLIQ Web Manager Help

You customize the way you run your own CLIQ access control installation. The CLIQ Web Manager makes it easy to program, reprogram or audit every CLIQ key, cylinder, padlock or updater. And because the interface is accessible from anywhere with a Web connection, via secure login over https:// and multifactor authentication if required, you can manage access whenever and wherever you choose. ASSA ABLOY’s intuitive CLIQ Web Manager boosts your efficiency. You filter access to specific locks according to the precise security needs of your site and users. For any CLIQ system, you can create individual schedules for key-holders, doors or audit trails. In a few clicks, a CLIQ key or system can require users to revalidate keys regularly, making it safer to issue time-limited access to contractors or visitors. 

The Web Manager offers this same degree of customized efficiency when you manage CLIQ electromechanical locks or fully electronic eCLIQ locks. It powers the interface between CLIQ Connect keys and the Bluetooth-powered CLIQ Connect app, for secure remote key updating for mobile workers and contractors — with added PIN protection if you choose.

The CLIQ Web Manager has the flexibility to integrate with existing access control and other custom software. Its architecture supports multiple administrators or sites, across different time zones if you need. Workflows become easier.

The Web Manager also gives you the option to administer access in a self-hosted IT environment or completely free of local software installation with two different CLIQ Software as a Service solution.

Access management with zero stress: CLIQ Software as a Service

For the highest levels of access security and scalability, the CLIQ Web Manager comes with a Software as a Service (SaaS) option. When you opt for CLIQ SaaS, you can select a Shared SaaS solution or Dedicated SaaS with hosting just for you, choosing maintenance schedules that suit your business best.

Both SaaS options are hosted by ASSA ABLOY. They save businesses the cost of extending in-house server capacity or employing dedicated IT staff to manage access software. Security infrastructure budgeting becomes more predictable. 

With CLIQ SaaS, your data benefits from complete redundancy, so you meet regulatory and compliance requirements without stress. ASSA ABLOY includes round-the-clock support, maintenance, and incident reporting in standard Service Level Agreements delivering up to 99.5% availability.