‘City Surveillance Has Always Been Our Main Focus And We Are Constantly Innovating The Solutions We Provide For This Vertical’

We spoke to Sudhindra Holla, Sales Director, Axis Communications – India & SAARC to understand their latest range of security products and how they help protect an organisation’s assets, their latest products to bolster the security of ‘Smart Cities,’ industry verticals that are leading the demand for new and innovative security solutions, new technologies they are working on as part of their security solutions in future and his views on IFSEC India expo and how he believes it can be used to further spread awareness around technologies in security products and solutions.

Interviewed by Adeesh Sharma

City Surveillance


Please tell us about your latest range of security products and how they help protect an organisation’s assets.

  • Axis’ security product portfolio ranges from small/medium businesses to large enterprises. As we move into a more technology driven world, where it is all about IoT, cybersecurity is becoming a boardroom issue. Companies will have to deal with huge losses, if their systems are hacked. Fortunately, Axis makes all their cameras as secure as possible from a firmware perspective, so that it is not easy to hack the cameras. We provide Axis Camera Management (ACM) software free of cost, that helps manage several security controls in a network more effectively. Cyber criminals will keep coming up with new ways to hack, but Axis’ strict no backdoor policy enforces the idea that a ‘secure by default’ design ethos is essential to any technology utilised today. Axis provides solutions that can cater to different protection levels depending on the size of the network and needs of the customers.

Please tell us about your latest products to bolster the security of ‘Smart Cities.’

  • The trending cameras in the smart cities segment would be the AXIS Q19 Thermal network camera series. Most suitable for perimeter protection, the thermal camera offers high accuracy with their video analytics. The thermal imaging feature enables the camera to perceive round the clock any suspicious activity by detecting objects or people even in low-light and no light just by observing the heat emitted by the objects in the images captured. The integrated video analytics allows for immediate and relevant action thereon. Additionally, Axis will soon be launching the AXIS Q6215-LE PTZ Network Camera, which is a heavy-duty camera with built in IR (Infrared) illumination. Along with its fast pan, tilt, and zoom functionality, the model features long-range OptimizedIR with IR-LEDs that adjust to the camera’s zoom and can deliver superior videos in low light or complete darkness up to 1300ft. The camera also has a flexible design which allows it to be mounted facing up or down, directly to a surface or with a wall or pole mount.

Which industry verticals are leading the demand for new and innovative security solutions?

  • Safe city and smart city authorities are always on the lookout for solutions to secure their cities. Due to this popular demand, city surveillance has always been our main focus and we are constantly innovating the solutions we provide for this vertical. Government sectors, which include critical infrastructure and power, are vulnerable to attacks and hence, are also another high traction vertical as they wish to protect the borders, internal security and even defence establishments. We also see a lot of traction in the retail space since retailers have begun to realize the business-related benefits of installing a surveillance system.Video analytics have become the brains behind the decision making and coupled with IP audio, the two make for an ideal retail surveillance system. In the education segment as well, a smart surveillance system can play multiple roles ranging from providing security to students to making public announcements within the classrooms.  We have also seen a lot of growth potential in verticals such as hospitality and commercial.

What new innovations or technologies are you working on as part of your security solutions in future?

  • At Axis, we are working on strengthening our portfolio to include IP audio solutions. As surveillance systems are migrating to the network, more and more solutions will be deployed on the network. With IP audio, the benefits are multi-pronged as it complements the surveillance systems. To begin with, they enhance security with event-triggered announcements and direct callouts. Once the cameras detect any suspicious activity, a pre-corded message can be played, or a siren could go off, for reasons such as warning the intruder to leave the premises. IP audio can also be used to make live or scheduled announcements in different zones, at the right time and right place. It also provides an added advantage of easy and flexible scheduling of great-sounding background music.

What are your views on IFSEC India expo and how do you believe it can be used to further spread awareness around technologies in security products and solutions?

  • With IP tech gaining traction, including the Network IP camera, it is important for organizations and governments to work towards building a secure network for their operations. In order to develop a digitally secure world, the IFSEC India expo has been bringing together Indian and Global brands, industry leaders, system- integrators, decision-makers and end customers all under one roof for the purpose of exchanging knowledge on the cutting - edge technologies, best practices of the industry as well as security trends.Rapid urbanization and increasing crime rate have enforced and reinforced the need for the government to be cognizant of the vulnerabilities leading to possible threats. In the light of today’s complex business models, governments need to promote sustainable strategies throughout organizations and their supply chains. With sustainability embedded in their approach, companies can resort to more innovative and energy efficient technologies.