Building Automation

LenelS2's healthy buildings solutions

LenelS2's healthy buildings solutions to enable touchless access and occupancy management

As people around the world adjust to a new normal, the health and efficiency of our buildings – and how they influence personal health – is critically important. Today, LenelS2 announces its...
Smart Building Automation Solutions

How Buildings Benefit from Smart Building Automation Solutions

John Nye, Team Marking at 75F When considering smart building automation solutions (BAS) , people often think their buildings are: Too small Too big Too old Too new If this were the case, then no...
 VESDA-E Smoke Detection

Honeywell Announces VESDA-E Smoke Detection For Building Integration

Honeywell has announced its advanced smoke detection technology – capable of detecting and reporting smoke at its inception, before a fire develops – can now integrate with some of the most widely...