Biosec Helps To Keep Biometric Template In Your Pocket


Biometric Template In Your Pocket


Hungarian security company BioSec Group has announced to develop a new authentication method and go mobile, when it comes to data storage. The company is working on a so called template on phone solution to keep the users' biometric template close to them. As the name suggests, BioSec's latest solution will store the users' palm vein template on their phone instead of databases, helping to overcome data storage related security fears.

By "skipping" the database question, the BioSec solution can be also used in environments without network or server infrastructure, providing an ideal solution for local authentication. As a result, BioSec's template on phone method can be used in a wide range of markets, from cashless payment to hotels and visitor management, just to name a few. "With data breaches on the headlines in every second week, users are more afraid of providing personal information, such as their biometric template. By bringing mobile devices into the picture, we can send the biometric templates via NFC to our system, so there is no need to build a database. With this development, we can keep the users' biometric template in their pockets, while also reducing data storage related security risks," said BioSec Group CEO, Péter Györgydeák.

With BioSec's template on phone solution, users only need a smartphone, downloading the BioSec application and internet connection. Even the system is under development, BioSec's palm vein recognition based solution can revolutionise many areas of life, literally with the wave of the hand.

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