ALGATEC MonAct Series offers advanced locking for a secure environment


ALGATEC MonAct Series

The world’s global property estate is vast, with built-up area covering over 1.5 million square kilometres of the Earth’s surface. While that’s just 1 percent of the total land area, it reflects the remarkable scope of our need for commercial, residential, and industrial property. Ensuring those properties are safe and secure is essential.

Commercial and industrial properties offer a particularly complex challenge in this regard. These properties represent the income and employment for billions of people. They are the livelihoods of individuals, that combined create the economic foundations of our modern world. That’s why it’s important to ensure that these properties are kept safe. 

At ALGATEC, we work with partners around the world to provide state-of-the-art electro-magnetic locking products that keep buildings safe and secure. That offer includes the innovative ALGATEC BWM MonAct Series EM Lock.

Introducing the ALGATEC BWM MonAct Series EM Lock

The ALGATEC BWM MonAct Series offers electromagnetic (EM) locks with two-tier access control and enhanced security monitoring features. It integrates door status monitoring functions (DSMF) alongside lock status monitoring functions (LSMF), to provide comprehensive access oversight. 

This functionality allows users to quickly assess if a door is properly closed, providing security and peace of mind for users. The LSMF system employs a built-in bond sensor, relay, and LED that enables users to monitor the lock and ensure it is functioning properly. The UL275BWM-SL model provides up to 600lbs holding force. This is essential and enabling functionality for users across the global commercial property stock.

The ALGATEC BWM MonAct Series operates by a reed switch with inbuilt electronic PCBA board, which provides real-time open/closed signals to the system. This mechanism operates through use of a glass sensor which detects attachment to a magnet at the armature plate, providing a simple trigger to notify if a door is properly closed. The system alerts users if the door fails to close, allowing comprehensive monitoring of access points.  A simple colour-coded LED system informs users, with a red light if a door fails to close, and green to confirm appropriate locking.

This simple, user-friendly functionality is vital in the often high-volume access environments of commercial properties. Malaysia’s largest shopping complex, Bandar Utama, covers a total footprint of 519,000 square meters. The world’s largest mall, The Dubai Mall, boasts over one million square meters.  Ensuring simple, reliable, secure locking systems is critical in these types of vast and complex properties.

Advantages of the ALGATEC BWM MonAct series

The ALGATEC BWM MonAct Series provides reliable locking solutions from a leading electromagnetic locking brand. These products are accredited with globally recognised CE and RoHS Certification. They are produced by ATNESIS, a respected ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer.

The ALGATEC BWM MonAct Series outperforms existing conventional door status monitoring locks thanks to its innovative new design. The electronic-based solution benefits from an inbuilt reed switch on a PCBA board, eliminating the need for moving parts, reducing wiring hassles, and providing a more stable and consistent locking performance. It requires low energy consumption, adding to the cost savings delivered by the system.

This commitment to consistent performance was critical in development of the ALGATEC BWM MonAct Series. The elimination of moving parts alongside reed switch functionality provides a more stable door status monitoring function, offering a more reliable system for users.

The electronic-based system reduces wiring, optimising the space for remaining wiring movement. This provides a simple technology solution that is easier to install, ensuring a more user-friendly product for both installers and operators. 

Delivering innovative solutions such as the ALGATEC BWM MonAct Series is at the heart of ALGATEC’s business ethos. This commitment is reflected in the company’s continued adoption of advanced manufacturing techniques, using the latest technologies to deliver high-precision and high-performance products for customers. 

In a complex commercial landscape, the security of a lock is a fundamental but essential element your business should be able to rely on.